Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lucas had a birthday shout Hooray!

I feel like I start all my blogs the same way I start my journal entries

"World Of Warcraft! I'm so bad at writing in this. I'm going to try and do better. It's been days/weeks/months"

Cereal though, I'm going to do better. Especially in three weeks when the Spring semester is OVER and we go to Colorado for a week, Grand Lake for a week, Lake Powell for either a week or four days, and Back to Colorado for a week. I just cannot wait. Yesterday I tried to convince Lucas to blow off our finals and just leave to be there for the 4th. He did not bite, so I bit him.

In the meantime, we are trying to get by on the fumes of what motivation we had when the semester started in the hopes that we can keep moving until it ends. There is no homework gas station in sight and my homework car is starting to make horrible sounds and it keeps rolling backwards a little bit on the big hills.

Well, the real reason for this post was not to complain so I will stop it. It was to online belated celebrate Lucas turning 29! Hooray!! One year left of his 20's! I asked what he wanted to do and he basically said he wants to be a dad again and be done with school. Since those things takes nine months to 2.5 years to give him I made a last minute trip to Wal Mart and got him a charcoal BBQ grill. He hates gas ones and whenever he smells the charcoal ones he gets very happy/jealous. So, it may not be the prettiest grill in town, but here is Lucas using his new grill...

There is something sexy about a man making burgers. That and golfing, which we also did for his birthday.What a manly man I married--rawr.

He was pretty surprised because every year I just get him whatever he asks me for (This year is no exception...I also got him Sim City 4 for the mac because he had been begging for it. I gave it to him 2 weeks early so by the time his birthday came it felt wrong to not get him something else)

It was a good birthday and just like my gift to myself he did absolutely zero school work. Its a wonderful present. Better than backyard grilled hamburgers.

In Moose world...
 there is a short haired little rat-dog running around our house. It is getting really hot out and he was beginning to pant just sitting in the apartment so we got him shaved. They left his face long so he kinda looks like a min-pin in the back and a scotty in the front. Cute still, somehow, but I want his long fur back. I'm sure he's happier though without that fur coat on all summer.

Moose did the dumbest thing the other day.  We got home from some errands and Moose jumped out of the car when we parked and ran away from us. We chased him down yelling "MOOSE! MOOSE! Come! **whistle whistle** COME!" and other such frantic attempts to catch a rebel dog.

Suddenly, horror of horrors, we see Moose run up to our neighbor with one thing on his mind. My neighbor is probably about 75 or so, and has a bit of a hard time getting around. Moose, out of reach, lifts his leg and we die slightly as he pees all over her feet. She just bent forward and stared at it as Lucas caught him and picked him up rather harshly and took him inside for a scolding. I apologize to Mary over and over and go inside. We want to hide forever out of embarrassment. Later I went to Mary's house to say sorry again and sat and talked with her for a couple hours. Her only thing to say was, "I thought it was too funny. Tells me my leg looks like a post!!"

After a day of Lucas giving Moose the silent treatment, I found them like this

Cant be mad forever.

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Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

Ha ha ha! Too funny! At least your neighbor had a sense of humor about it. I am excited for you two to have weeks off and away from school and homework! Have a blast!