Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day and randoms

Fathers Day this year, just like Mothers Day, was bitter sweet. It was great to celebrate fathers and all that they are, but Lucas and I agreed it is sad to celebrate being a parent when there is no child at home.

Other than the weirdness and sadness of it, we had a great day. When Lucas' alarm went off and he went to get ready I went in the kitchen and made an Ihop inspired breakfast. Yummy scrambled eggs with sausage, red pepper, cheese, green onions, and pepper, orange juice, hash browns, and two pancakes on their own little plate. It was yummy, and Lucas ate all of his and then some more off my plate. That made me feel good :)

Being Sunday, Lucas had to leave for church pretty early, so I spent the morning by myself and then went to meet him at church. He looks so handsome sitting on the stand, and I can never stop looking and grinning at him. One day I made a really weird face at him and he laughed for like three whole minutes on the stand. Being married is amazing.

I think, if anybody has, Lucas has earned the right to be called a Father. He has more self control than anyone I've ever known. He knows who he needs to be, and what he wants and needs to do in order to get the chance to raise Molly, and he never quits. He's positive, righteous, kind, and hilarious. I bet Molly is as proud of him as I am!

After church, we lied around the house and then he opened his gifts, a new hat (too big. He has the smallest head ever.), some shorts, and the movie Battle: LA which we watched while eating Totinos pizza and cuddling. Great Fathers Day.

We also got to call our wonderful Dads, who we are BEYOND blessed to have. I am always talking about my Dad and growing up, and Lucas and I enjoy comparing our Fathers. Though they are different, they are both AMAZING.

Love you Dad! You are the most wonderful man, example, grandfather, parent, and friend. Your constant hard work is a beautiful display of your love for the family, and its hard to feel worthy of all you give us. Thank you for everything! I am grateful for you and for the opportunity it is to be your daughter!

Love you!

John,  Father-in-law of the world! You're the best! You have never once treated me like any less than your own daughter, and I appreciate the love you have shown me. Your example, humor, advice and friendship are some of the best gifts we have. We love you!!! Thank you for all you are!


I'm obsessed with our dog. He's so darn cute! Would you like to come play with us?

I thought you would find this entertaining. I have little to no organization while I work on Molly's memory book. I am the messiest scrapbooker in the world, probably. Here is what the room looked like when I called it a night...

Also, here are the flowers that Emily gave me for my Birthday and the Elephant my Dad got me in Nepal. <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you!!!

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MaShay & Jason said...

Lovely little elephant. I am glad you got to enjoy Father's Day. You and Lucas are both wonderful parents. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!