Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hayley's visit

Last week, for a week and half, Lucas' sister, Hayley, came to stay with us. (Is it just me or was that sentence too comma filled? oh well.)

This is Hayley:

She's a mega babe. And she's really really cool.

So we were really excited for Hayley to come stay with us because we never get to see her, and we like having some family here in Rexburg. (My sister Emily lives here, but we only see her when she needs to do laundry. She's too busy being single and loving her roommates to bother with boring nights with a married couple. I can't really blame her) But anyway, Hayley flew in one weekend.

She said she felt like the girl from the movies who goes to like a Nebraska farm town from NYC. She was in all black, and looked very "city" when she flew into Idaho Falls airport.

Lucas and I are both extremely busy with school this semester, so poor Hayley spent most of her time here watching seasons of Arrested Development and other shows. She seemed to enjoy it. She has been overworking herself in Colorado so she said she enjoyed the time to just do nothing, sleep in, take naps, watch shows, and just blob out. I suppose I too enjoy those times. (However, I can't help but feel like she was just being nice and was probably suffering from intense cabin fever)

In order to do something exciting we went to Idaho Falls and ate and then went to furniture row, which for some reason got both of us girls excited. One day Lucas and Hayley rented a video game and played that together when I went to work.

Even though we didn't do anything overly exciting, we loved having her here. It's so great to have people you love around. We can get pretty lonely up here in the burg.

After like 10 days or so she got to fly back to Denver where her new boyfriend and puppy were waiting for her. She got a TINY new puppy and spent a lot of time away from him to come see us. I felt bad. I dont like tie away from my puppies. haha. Here is her cute little "Chewbacca"  aka "Chewy"

So, if you ever want to come visit us we will love it and you will be bored to tears.

Do it!