Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SpringHill days are done

So I have worked at the Marriott SpringHill Suites since about October of 2009. I have really enjoyed it and have worked pretty crazy hours and met some pretty crazy friends. It really is a good place to work.

Unfortunately, recently things went downhill between the Hotel and myself, and for reasons I wont post online I felt that it was time for me to end my employment with the Suites.

I hate leaving a job with feelings hurt and awkward emotions, but it was pretty unavoidable this time. ( In order to get the gist-- I felt that certain things were handled dishonestly and I felt hugely disrespected due to some management decisions.) After going and talking to management, I only left feeling more like the work I have put in has been brushed aside too easily and I was kind of a "budget buster" as an employee ever since opening with the hotel. If they dont value me, I dont value them kind of feeling.
I still consider everyone at the hotel a friend, but there comes a time when you know a certain phase of your life is done, and that time is now for me and that job.

I feel both sad and thrilled about being done there.

Even when I like a job, I think the last day there is a great "clean slate" feeling. My last day at the Hotel is this Saturday.

More importantly, though, I turn 24 tomorrow!!!
That means it's been about 22 years since this day

Lucas got me one of these last week and I am so excited to start making things!

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MaShay & Jason said...

Dear Amber,

I love our sibling sewing machines. I love seeing pictures of Jason as a little tyke. I love your face and I hope your face (specifically the mouth region) loved some oooey goooooooey brownies last night.