Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday and a little TMI

Birthdays are the BEST! (posting this a few days late, though :/)

In honor of my 24 years, I decided to spend 24 hours doing whatever I want! That's right, no guilt here. It has been 10 hours and 50 minutes and here is how they have been spent

midnight to 7:30 zonked out.

I dreamed I saw a little boy fall on his bike and hit his head. Nobody would help him and he didn't know his name or where he lived so I spent the rest of the dream trying to help him and carrying him all around town. Hospital closed. No doctor's offices around. Then he stole shampoo when I was talking to people at the hospital and I gave him a little lecture, hugged him and told him we would figure it out. Then there was a mysterious Hawaiian baby in my car and I returned him to his family.

7:30- Wake up (kinda) to Moose making soft grunting sounds that mean "I'm going to ruin your carpet in five minutes. Happy Birthday" I slide out of bed and put on Lucas' sweats and sweatshirt.

He rolls over and lowers his eyebrows and says "No. no I'll take him out. It's your birthday." His eyes close again. Just him thinking of my Birthday in his half out-of-it state made it worth it to get up. I whisper "Birthday people can go outside, too" and take Moose out.

7:37- Get back in bed. What a glorious feeling! I loved it. I sleep until 8:00 and wake up to Lucas rubbing my back and the smell of sausage cooking in the kitchen is filling the house.

8:05- Breakfast! Lucas made me egg McMuffins and orange juice which was all delicious! Even Moose got some, and we usually don't feed him anything but dog food. I thought I should share my many blessings.

8:15- Check my voice-mail and get a really cute message from my in-laws wishing me a Happy Birthday. Love it. Remember that I have had a present waiting to be opened for 2 months that I can finally open. Lucas gets it for me :)
Feel like a little kid when I open any gift. First, a Cricut cartridge that I have been wanting so I can finish Molly's book!!! Woo! and These super cool shoes!

Apparently I had tried them on before when I was half asleep and Susan wanted to know if they fit and trusted I would forget about them. They did fit, and I did forget about them. I did not realize I had seen them before, and felt cool for owning them.

8:20- Call M.I.L. and thank her for the gifts and her nice message. Talk to her for about 15 minutes and love that I married into such an amazing family.

8:35- Decide officially that I was not going to class. I can keep up online, and I just didn't want to go to classes on my birthday! Thank you birthday girl! You are welcome.

8:40- Lucas says he has a surprise for me, and runs out to the car. Comes back with a square under his shirt. He smiles and says "it's nothing big" I remind him he already got me a sewing machine but cant stop smiling at his cute excitement at getting something else. He first hands me a pack with like 60 pieces of gum (I always eat his gum like its m&m's. I cant stop and before I know it my mouth is full and I look like a cow. Now I had my own gum to do it with.) Then he pulls out a 1000 piece puzzle! I love puzzles, and the other day I did one that I have already done, and Moose at three pieces. I was so happy that he knows me so well that I crawled onto his lap and hugged him and kissed him. He's amazing.

8:50- Moose gets jealous that we are cuddly with out him and comes to get in the middle of it. We laugh and start to play with him.

8:55-9:25- Play with Moose and Lucas and we talk about what a beautiful and wonderful morning it is. Wish we did this more often. Check facebook and feel super duper loved by all the nice comments and messages.

9:30- Clean up a little while Lucas is in the shower.

9:40- Lucas gets out of the shower and has a new cologne on, he smells amazing and I hug him too long.

9:45- 10:00- Play with Moose, put some clean laundry away. Set my cool shoes on the dresser to look at until I can wear them.

10:15- Take the trash out. (I don't mind. I like it outside.) Get in the car and drive Lucas to school. See someone walking from really far away and give them a ride, which felt good.

10:30- Blog because I am feeling super duper happy about my life and my blessings and this beautiful birthday.


That was as far as I got keeping track of things i did by the hour. haha.

The rest of my birthday was spent totally relaxing. I spent some time curled up under a blanket on the couch. I took a mid-day nap. I blogged. I did not look at my backpack one time. And I got THREE pages done on Molly's book. each page takes me SO long, so it felt really good to get so much done in one evening. Lucas and I also went out to eat when I randomly got hungry at 3 pm. We didn't get hungry again until it was too late to want to eat a full meal, so we just snacked on stuff. I talked to family on the phone, which is always a birthday treat, and went to bed as soon as I was tired. It was a beautiful and wonderful day and I did spend and entire 24 hours doing only things I wanted to do. :) on only if you are feeling brave and medical stuff doesn't bother you.
If you are content not knowing squirmy stuff...pretend this is the end of my post.

Still here, I see. Brave.

Okay, for like the last week or so I have been feeling this pain in my lower right abdomen every time I twist or bend to quickly. Sometimes it's bad when I am walking. So finally after one especially painful twist, we decide to go to the doctor.

Well, one ultrasound later and it appears I have 2 cysts on my right ovary. This should explain the pain. The doctor says she had one it it hurt her horribly before it popped on its own and the pain goes away.

So, we go home. The next couple days go by and it gets worse and worse, until Tuesday right after class. I get up and put my backpack on and the movement made the pain shoot through me. I had to take baby steps to my next class and try to move slowly to keep from crying.

When I sit it's okay. So I sat through the next class and felt fine. Forgot about it. Stood up and threw my backpack on. Again the twisting made it HORRIBLE. It seriously felt like I got stabbed in my lady parts. I baby stepped to the car, each step was horrible. When I got to the car where Lucas was waiting, I was crying. He helped me into the car and out of it when we got home. (He didn't even ask what was wrong with me, he just immediately got tender and started taking care of me. Love him.) I slowly inched upstairs and just layed around all day because it hurt too bad.

That night I slept great, surprisingly, and woke up with the pain nearly gone.

A final birthday gift was possibly having the cysts pop on their own! Here's hoping. I still have slight pain, so I may be only half way done, but I'm glad the one is gone.

I hope this fight with my body will end soon. Life is too good to spend it fighting a body that refuses to quit falling apart. haha


MaShay & Jason said...

Yay for birthdays! Love you and love that you had a good one.

Stephanie said...

ovarian cysts are terrible!!! But it is soo nice when they burst (well actually its quite painful and not nice for a while...but..) and you can be happy again!
Sounds like a great birthday!