Saturday, May 21, 2011

I KNEEd sleep

A couple months ago my knee started really hurting whenever I would bend down. It became so painful that I would have to use my hand to take my weight whenever I would squat down to pick something up. Then it began happening in my other knee. It got really bad, and then it began hurting so badly, as if all the tendons in my knee were unified in their decision to cramp up that I was losing sleep. I woke up every few hours and had to painfully stretch out my legs and then go back to bed. Stairs hurt. Running hurt. Standing hurt. Sleeping was scary.

I set up an appointment with a chiropractor and he said my Tibia was twisted and it looked like it may have happened because my pelvis was out of place. He adjusted me and the rest of the day I was pretty sore but the sharp pain was better in my left knee.

That night I was pain free in one leg, but my right knee still hurt. SO a few days later I went back to the chiropractor and he re-readjusted me and did a more thorough full body alignment. It was amazing. The next few days went by with little to no knee pain and I was sure I was healed! I was so happy!

However, the pain is coming back. A few nights ago I woke up from a particularly happy dream with pain back in my left knee.

Now its coming back in my right.

I never injured my knees or anything. I have never had anything wrong with them, and haven't changed anything I do, except I do walk around campus more, but nothing drastic.

Lucas says my warranty ran out so my body is giving up. It seems every few days somethign weird happens. One day me elbow like stopped working and I couldn't straighten my arm. The other day I practically fainted in the bathroom when I fell on the floor in a weird full body overheat, I keep getting headaches, and it seems that a new pain appears each day just teasing me for having to get the crappy school insurance. Oh well, even if my warranty ran out, Lucas is stuck with me!

I kind of feel like Mrs. Potato Head and if someone whacked me really hard in the back my arms legs and face might just fall right off.

Has this even happened to anyone else? Did you ever just start falling apart for no reason?


Kelsey said...

I feel like that is the story of my life. I always have something weird wrong with me. They are always just weird things that you wouldn't go to the doctor for but they are just annoying. Just to name a few things I am currently experiencing,my throat always feels "mushy." That's the only way I can explain it. I'm hungry in my stomach but I sometimes can't eat anymore because my throat is "full." I have the LOUDEST random hiccups, all the time. Totally embarrassing during serious situations. I completely understand what you feel like!

emily marie said...

all the time. I swear if there's not something wrong with me, then something's wrong with the world! I feel like i'm not old enough to have cracky joints and sore backs and heart problems. I feel like benjamin button! But you're the most lively energetic person I know! You'll be ok!

Liz-a-nator said...

No good! I hope you heal, soon!

Something I always tell people, because I'm a big believer in it, is that the spirit and the body have a close relationship...not just proximity-wise, but balance-wise. Sometimes when we're stressed, or upset, or tired, or not eating well, or depressed, it registers in our bodies. There are common symptoms of emotional unbalance, like stomachaches or headaches, or tight muscles. But sometimes that "toxicity" of our emotions makes its way to other parts of our bodies.

Do you do yoga? Have you tried meditation? Is there something you could improve in your diet or sleeping that would "balance" things out a little bit better? Is there anything going on emotionally that needs to be dealt with?

I know all this sounds so "touch-feely-hippy-dippy," but if stress can trigger warts, and if trauma can trigger autoimmune diseases like lupus, it only makes sense that unbalanced/negative emotions, when not dealt with, can make us physically unhealthy.

Amber said...

Liz, I have never tried Yoga but I would love to. And I have more stress this semester than I ever have. The system is fighting me at every turn. Maybe that is making my body signals get all crossed! I love hippy-dippy stuff by the way. I believe it all.

MaShay & Jason said... started when I was 16 with my first knee surgery.....

I like when you update. It makes me miss you a teeeeeeny tiny bit less.

MaShay & Jason said...

I KNEEd an update.

Stephanie said...

keep seeing your chrio it'll keep helping :) Also sounds like you could use a massage. Not just one honestly like at least 4. You know from anatomy how many many different muscles there are in our bodies! one massage can't give them all attention. But when you've had lots of stresses in dealing with the emotions and stress we as beings tend to store those emotions, unknowingly, in our muscles.

Massage does feel great and seems like a total luxury! But it is so so good for your body! I know when I've been stressed or I'm just starting to feel stress/pain in places I usually don't I ask J to work a little bit on the surrounding areas. (knees would be quads, hams, gluts, :) ) and sometimes it makes me cry. Not from hurting but from releasing emotion I didn't know I hadn't let go of. I'd be happy to try and help when I'm out your way, discounted rates of course :)

Stephanie said...

also not everyone cries when they release though, actually a lot of people get the giggles

Lacey Evanson Stewart said...

GO SEE A DR!!! I love chiropractors,k and they have there place in this world, however, if there is something else happening... tendinitis, ect...getting an adjustment will not correct the problem. Anyways, maybe you are having growing pains and going to sprout up to 7ft! then Lucas will be sorry he said you are expiring,haha. Feel better!