Monday, May 2, 2011

Tick Busters.

I can't believe how fast time is flying, lately! Since I wrote last I had a very busy end to semester and finished my first semester back in school with a 4.0! I was VERY excited! I have always been good at school when I try, but never put that much effort into it before. It is refreshing to feel good about the way you spend your time.

So if you feel like my blog is being neglected and therefore you are unable to stalk us, blame college.

We also took a trip to Utah and Colorado for the ten or so day break between semesters. It was WONDERFUL to see family. We had a lot of fun, as we always do. Lucas is so relaxed around family. There is NO way that we are not going to end up in Colorado. Colorado/family=happy Lucas=happy Amber. Win Win! (Not that I'm not equally excited to see my family as he is, but he is much happier there compared to here because of the lack of stress and responsibility when we go home. haha.

Speaking of responsibility, Lucas got a new calling at church. He is in the bishopric of a single student ward on the BYU-I campus. He LOVES it. When he first got the calling he was kinda in a blur, just overwhelmed and feeling like he didn't now anything. I thought it was cute. Then he started and he felt even MORE overwhelmed and I thought it was cute. But now he is getting the hang of it, he is gone ALL day on Sundays (like 9 am to 11 pm yesterday) and then all day Tuesday, with more here and there as he is needed.

It seems like a lot to take on, but I have seen him absolutely fall in love with the calling over the last month. He is serving with all he has, and I think the Lord is helping him find time to do all he needs to around the calling. Its really great, and he comes home all dressed up and tired. There never has been a more proud wife.

We also started a new semester, I am taking all Science classes. Anatomy and Physiology (the second half), Chemistry, Foundations of Science and Book of Mormon. Its an intense amount of work, but so far I love it like I did last semester. I'm still having a love affair with education.

HOWEVER, just because I love learning, does not mean I love everything about it. I am not usually the person to rattle the system when I dont like something, but I did. I wrote my first harsh letter to the Business department at the school. It was long and pointed. It called people out for behavior and regulations that were uncalled for. It was signed "Lucas Taylor" hahaha. (They called him in to have a meeting with him and apologized...CHECK)

Finally, we gave Moose a hair cut, again.

We could have paid like 45 dollars to have him groomed but I did what is cheaper and trashier and cut his fur myself with a small pair of scissors. It took FOREVER. Our bathroom was covered in fur and moose ended up looking hilariously different, with random long chunks, a bleeding tongue and a few bald spots.

Seriously, there are a lot of bald spots. This is just one side.

Yes, I cut his tongue. I was holding his mouth and trying to trim the long fur around his nose and just as I cut he stuck his tongue out to taste the scissors. He jumped back but didn't make a sound. I wasnt sure If I hurt him because he just started licking his legs. I looked down and there was blood all over his leg. I got so scared that I sliced his tongue in half or something and rammed his mouth open and he was bleeding, but the cut on his tongue was so small I couldn't find it. He stopped bleeding eventually and I gave him a bone and some extra hugs and love to say "Sorry I'm a sucky barber".

Finally, at the end of the hair cut I had to torture him a little more and had to give him a bath. It was really sad. He avoided me like the plaque for a couple hours. Lucas stayed away during the whole ordeal and so Moose still loved him with caution.

The next day, Moose was acting really weird. He was extremely lethargic and didn't seem interested in food, his bones, his treats, outside, or us. Once I picked him up and he was burning up. I had never felt him so warm. He's never been so sick. He just layed around bored. We were sure he had the stomach flu. It was so sad. Lucas got so worried about him that he prayed that we would be able to find out what was wrong with him.

The next day Lucas was holding him and cuddling him when he goes, "I found the problem! Moose has a tick!"

SICK! I ran over to see it. It was true. There was no denying that Moose had gained the affections of a little brown tick. I was so mad at that stupid bug. Nobody sucks my dog's blood! NOBODY! We paid him back by covering him in peanut butter. When he refused to break up with Moose we tried to burn him out. Nothing. Tough little guy. Finally, I had to hold Moose down and talk lovingly to him as Lucas grabbed the tweezers. When Moose seemed distracted enough by my tricky love overload, Lucas YANKED that little tick out. Moose Yelped and jumped up, crying. It was SO SAD. His leg was bleeding where the tick pulled off some skin. Lucky we got the whole thing. Stupid guy

However bad I felt, it was worth it. We had our healthy dog back within the hour. Don't mess with us, Ticks. We will find you and make you pay for hurting our puppy!


Hadlocks said...

I love your posts, I'm glad you are blogging again! We cut Jet's hair the other day... It is seriously the worst chore EVER.

Lynsi said...

I laughed and laughed at this poost! Thanks!