Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets Make a Deal

Remember my vacation back in December?

Well, I only briefly mentioned that I was going to be in the studio audience of the TV show, Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady

Well, as it turns out you aren't allowed to say anything about the show after you've been in the audience. Especially not if you were a contestant who was so overstimulated and in shock about being called up that you couldn't function. If you were a contestant who geeked out big time and just squeeled and giggled and yelled "THE BOX" over and over, you ESPECIALLY were not allowed to say anything to anyone until it aired.

Check it out:
Look for a giggly nurse and her handsome doctor

You can see Lucas and I pretty much the whole time in the background. It was really really fun, and for the best part of the show check out minute 21:00.

Cracks me up. But at least to won a prize!

I won a spa day in LA. There's like a Limo ride, a makeover, a health consultation, massage and all that kind of girly stuff.
Lucas has been pretty unexcited about it, because we really wanted to get an ipad out of being called up. But beggers cant be choosers!
We will see what happens, so even if we can't get the cash value (they have 90 days after the airdate to get us our prizes) I am excited to have a spa day. It was worth like 3 grand, and this would be the only time in my life I would be willing to spend that kind of money on myself like that. I will not hate it if it happens.

So If you are going to LA, get a free ticket and go try to be on Let's Make a Deal! It was super fun and maybe you'll get to see yourself geek out, too!


Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

Freaking awesome! I am so jealous I want to be a big star too! =]

Stephanie said...

That is totally awesome!! The box :)
Even maia clapped for you! You totally deserve a crazy awesome Spa day! Go be pampered for getting a 4.0!!

Katie said...

How fun, Amber! And if anyone deserves a celebrity worthy spa day, it's you! Fun seeing you on TV!

Ma Ma Hammer said...

I was sewing and I turned around to see who had won and I said to Ray that's Amber she just won. It brought a smile to my face. you looked so cute. Have fun at the spa.

emily marie said...

I didn't know you were ON the show!!!! AMBER I squealed and giggled just as much as you when I watched this! That is awesome!