Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Turns out finding a job has proved rather difficult. Usually I get jobs really quickly, but being nearly 6 months pregnant has made the task a bit more challenging. Lucas got a job at Rent-A-Center, where he used to work. They rehired him just a few days after we got back from Colorado. HUGE blessing for us. Meanwhile my belly gets bigger and my potential for being hired gets smaller.

I cant help but feel guilty as Lucas gets up early, works 11.5 hours a day, half the week he goes to his church meetings for 2-5 hours at night just to wake up and do it again. Meanwhile I kiss him goodbye, sleep a little longer, play with the dog, look for a job, scrapbook, call family, look for a job, make food, clean the apartment again, take naps, and grow a human inside me.

It makes me feel like this:
 While Lucas is out like this:
Mixed with a little of this:

I am planning on staying home with baby if at all possible, and that is only 17 weeks away, but in the meantime I feel pretty useless. Last time I worked right on up till Molly came.

It also feels a little awesome to be home and give Moose attention and do things I normally dont have time to do. (Only when I DONT think about how little I'm contributing.) It's also probably good to take it easy since I'm kind of high risk this pregnancy.

At least I'm a "Sacred Vessel" haha. It takes all your energy to make a baby!

In an attempt to make a little bit of money I decided to start a teeny tiny business.
I remember driving everywhere in a panic when I got nervous about how Molly was doing. I was desperate to hear her heartbeat and know she was okay. I needed to hear her heartbeat but my insurance would not cover "non-routine" check ups, the doctors office was closed, and I had NO money for an Emergency Room visit. (In the end we did go to the hospital, which was good for us, but I still had the feeling of "there has GOT to be a better way!")

Still every time I hear this little boy's heartbeat I get a rush of relief and joy that I'm pretty sure no other sound can bring. I wanted to make that something that 30295710 pregnant women in Rexburg can get when they are nervous or just want a few minutes of pure joy.

So a while ago we got a fetal heart monitor, like the ones they use at any OB place. We started using it every day and it is the most wonderful thing that lets us listen to our baby. Because I love it so much, I'm fairly confident that others will too.

So I started a little tiny service called Heart to Heart Doppler.

I basically go to women any time they need me and for like 15 or 20 they can listen to their baby for as long as they want. I'm available all day, and I'm MUCH MUCH cheaper than an ER visit.

(I did talk to an attorney to make sure it was legal. It is. I just have to have people sign that they already know they are pregnant before I get there.)

So if you know any preggo's in the Rexburg area, tell them the good news! I would love it!.

So doing that has helped me feel less useless, but its not really a money maker. It just makes me feel good to help people. So far I have had 3 women listen, and I've been flyerin' the town trying to get the word out. Fingers crossed!


Sarasue said...

Yay!!! Blog posts!!! And what a GREAT idea!!!! You are so thoughtful. Its awesome.

Harlowe said...

Aw, that's a wonderful idea! I'm totally freaked by this pregnancy and can't really afford a doppler, so that's a really great service you're offering!

MaShay & Jason said...

You should have Jason do some SEO work for you. Then you will be a billionaire.