Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animal House

Growing up I  always wanted every pet I laid eyes on. In the store I would beg to take home the kittens and puppies, the ferrets and mice, even the fish. I just LOVE animals. I would even bring home snakes from the creek with my brother and put them in our yard. (I would never do this now--I'm not as brave as I once was)

In the last 20 ish years my family has had:
5 Birds
4 Dogs
4 Mice
3 Hamsters
2 Cats
2 Guinea Pigs
1 Ferret
1 Turtle

11ish of those animals ended up in our house because of me wanting to save them from the pet store or simply just begging for them.

After leaving home I have adopted:
5 dogs ,1 bunny, and 3 fish.

My mom always joked that my house would end up looking like the family in ANDRE that has animals everywhere. Except my house would have rescued animals and adopted babies all over it.

Well, looks like her prediction has started coming true.
As you know we have Moose

Then last week we got this little fish.

A girl in his ward was trying to kill it by noy cleaning its tank. Sad right? So we took him and named him Voldemort because he can't die and we are HP fans forever.

Then without warning yesterday we got Zuri!

She is an adorable boxer/lab mix. Lucas called me randomly from work and said I needed to bring 10 dollars and pick up a dog that he felt we needed to save from a horrible situation. She has a bald spot on her head that looks like she was burned, she is too skinny, and had a fatty rope around her neck that was so tight it had to be cut off. I guess the family getting rid of her had like 4 kids who were crazy rough with her and they coudn't care for her so they were getting rid of her. 

Lucas said he couldn't stand the thought of her being with that family for another minute so he called me. He KNEW I would agree to it. So with my love of dogs and the panic Lucas had in his voice I immediately went and got her. She's adorable.

And in 3 months....a baby!


Also, our awesome friends Carrie and Scott are trying to get on CheapsterTV. They need to get as many people as possible to vote for Scott as their favorite cheapster, and if they win they get to be on TV and they get 10 grand. They have student loans to pay for and an ADORABLE new baby. Plus, they deserve it. They are coupon masters, free mail sample champions, "and make it do, wear it out, use it up or Go without" kings. Please vote for them. All you have to do is click this link and "like" Scott's picture:


It would mean the world to them and me! Hurry! If you didn't do it, maybe their baby will change your mind:

Okay...seriously, dont be selfish. Just like him.


Liz-a-nator said...

Zuri is soo cute! I'm so glad you rescued this little makes me SO MAD when people abuse their animals! It's the most selfish and unkind thing in the world. Go Mama Amber.

Jana said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness. zuri is darling! boxer - lab, i love the mix! good luck!! :)

Harlowe said...

What an adorable puppy!!!!!!! Moose is, of course, as cute as ever.

Stephanie said...

Adorable :) Now Moose has a buddy to play with when baby steals your attention :) Congrats on the new addition!

Jackie said...

Well done for rescuing Zuri! She looks gorgeous. I know exactly what you mean because I would have done exactly the same thing. I've had my own collection of rescued animal in the past so totally understand...