Sunday, October 9, 2011

On selling and saving

Little known fact: I am obsessed with couches.
          Well, living rooms in general, but mostly the couches. I like to search online for hours at see all the different couches in the world. From sectionals, to cool chairs, to standard sofas- I love it all. Unfortunately I have beach-side-mansion taste on a rented-motel-room budget. Because of this I usually end up on sites where I find my dream couch and it costs about $3900 and I am throwing up in my empty wallet.

Despite my inability to obtain my dream of lounging around on the most comfortable sofa in the world, I still dream.
I dream while searching pinterest at living room layouts.
I dream while watching HGTV and critiquing every choice made.
Sometimes I cannot turn off my mind while I redecorate our apartment in my mind with all new furniture, and I lay awake for hours. In the morning I always tell Lucas all my mental plans. 
I love it.

A furniture store is like my chuck-e-cheese. 
I would actually LOVE to run a business reupholstering and designing custom sofas. That would be SO FUN.

So even though there are lots of styles that I do like, the couches that we have owned for the last year and a half were not even close to being something I was proud to own. Since I know it doesn't really matter, I have tried to ignore the hand-me-down couches that were falling apart in my apartment to wait for the day when the perfect couch comes my way at a price I can afford.

Then, last week, Lucas said he got some couches into work that were a color I liked and a fabric I might like. I went to look at them and for the price, they would be a serious upgrade. I got excited, but we cannot afford them even though they were pretty inexpensive with his employee discount.
We talked about the potential of our apartment with the new couches that night and slowly convinced ourselves that if we just sold a few things, and could find someone to buy our couches for more than 10 dollars that we could end up only paying under 100 for the new set.

THEN we looked on his business website and found some we liked even better in the same fabric.

We decided to try and sell some stuff. Just to see if anyone would bite, I posted our current living room set on

30 hours later our apartment looks like this:

Now we have no choice, and in order to get the money we needed we also have no furniture. At least we will have some new couches! The come in two weeks and I can't wait. I'm so excited to bring some color into this place. In the meantime, we have our bedroom dresser in the living room with the TV on it, and a futon mat on the floor across the room as our couch/ chairs/ kitchen table/ play mat. Kinda fun. It's like camping.

In less happy news, we have decided that it's not the best thing for either us or Zuri if we keep her. We tried to save her, agreeing that if she wouldn't work with our family that we would find her a new loving home. Unfortunately, when the time came we became hooked on her pretty quickly.

After a few days we realized that she is not very happy here. Moose is VERY unhappy with her here.
She is too big already and is only 9 weeks old. She is bigger than Moose and if she tries to play with him he always ends up hurt and she ends up yelled at. She also doesn't have a fenced yard so we have to take her out as often as we can to get some of that boxer/lab energy out but it is never enough.

It is also hard to see Moose being so sad all the time. She takes his stuff and when he tries to take it back she is really mean to him. She wants to dominate him all the time and he hates it but can't do much about it because she is way stronger. WE hate to see Moose getting invaded and being so depressed. We just wanted to save her, and we dont want to ruin Moose because we can't say 'No' to a single cute thing.

She would be the BEST dog ever if she had somewhere to run and she wasn't roommates with a weak little thing like Moose.

On top of that, our little boy is due in 15 weeks and I dont think I can handle Moose, a 5 month old growing puppy, and a newborn baby in -20 degree weather. It's not fair to Zuri and it's not fair to me or Moose or the new baby.

So despite my sadness at saying goodbye, she is now looking for a new home. If you know anyone in Rexburg who loves dogs and wants the prettiest dog ever, let me know! We are going to be pretty picky about the home she ends up in, though, so make sure your friends will make the cut!


emily marie said...

Reading this blog made me think of this furniture wonder. This was the trial, they make them for real now!

PS: listen to the girl in the beginning going "woooAAowwww" over and over. HAHAHA!

Sarasue said...

I may know someone. :)

MaShay & Jason said...

My brother and his wife have a big back yard and a lab already that might be an AWESOME playmate for her. But they are here in UT. So fine, come to Provo and bring Zuri.