Thursday, October 27, 2011

27 weeks and his name is....

As of yesterday I am 27 weeks pregnant!
I'm feeling really good. I can't believe how fast time is going by, despite my jobless days being rather slow. Only ten weeks away from how far along I was when Molly was born. I can't believe that!

Since our little boy has only half the room he should to move around I feel like I'm only pregnant on the right side. My ribs hurt on the right as he has been crammed up in them for weeks now. My back hurts on my right side, but only from leaning weirdly to give relief to my ribs. However, I'm obsessed with being pregnant.
Still scared. Still quick to be overly anxious. However, I feel hope. I am not panicked anymore because I have a new found peace that no matter what happens we will be fine. The baby may get the chance to be raised when Molly is, or he will get the chance to be raised here and now with us. No matter what, we will find happiness and feel joy. So my mind feels eased, and my ribs dont mind being pried apart quite as much.

Also, I feel bad for men. I feel so happy when I feel him moving around and kicking. I feel this awesome connection to him already. I know when he is awake or sleeping. I feel him and its the best feeling ever. Poor Lucas just has to try his hardest to run over and feel a rare but perfectly timed kick. 
Women are blessed. May be the more painful job, but its definitely more rewarding. I love it. I want 100 babies. 
K maybe not 100. 

Also, we picked his name!!!
Unless he is born and we look at him and both feel like we need to change it, that is. 

So in just a few short months we will welcome 
Kellen Michael Taylor.
I love it. 
I love him. 
I love that I know I love it enough to tell people what his name is and not fear what they will say. 
It just feels right, even if suddenly everyone I know takes the name. (*fist shake*)


Other happenings:
Today is Lucas' day off. I love Thursdays because we get to spent the whole day together. 
We slept in until almost 10 am today, only getting up to take care of our dog. 
Okay, Lucas got up. I slept like a rock the whole time..I'll work on it.

Once we were up I made breakfast and we sat on the couch together and enjoyed it because it was warm. I like the cool fall air, and love the warm fall breakfasts. 
We played with Moose.
Lucas made a smoothie then he went outside and saw that our car had a flat tire...BOO!
Then he set to fixing it. I love when he does manly things. 
( Lucas: Can you hand me that bar? me:______ *takes picture* Lucas: hah. Okay.   He get's the bar.)

 (Lucas' friend Daniel came over to help. We took him to get lunch. He told us "If you buy food for a Mexican, he's a friend for life"    Good to know.)

While the boys were out fixing the car and taking the old tire to get checked and refilled, I stayed inside and colored. 
Lucas has a bunch of awesome Prismacolor markers and every now and then I just want to doodle.
He also has big pads of blank posterboard. So I draw designs on them and then enjoy coloring them. 
It's a fun way to kill time while avoiding the cold.

Also, Moose at poop twice. Is that normal? It is the grossest thing. How do I make him stop it?!


MaShay & Jason said...

I love how excited you are in the picture. That makes me so happy.

Sarasue said...

yay blog!!! thanks amber :) and i was told doggies eating their own poo means they are lacking something in their diet? maybe try switching foods? cute preggy girl!

For the Love of French said...

they have some sort of pill or supplement in the doggie stores for coppaphagia? something like that is the real name for dogs eating poop. You can give him that pill thing and maybe it will work.

Harlowe said...

It is completely normal for dogs to eat poop, unfortunately. There are supplements you can give him to stop it. Congrats on reaching 27 weeks, and still adorable as ever. The name you picked is great, and I think Molly and Kellen sound so beautiful together.

Liz-a-nator said...

Those are really cool doodles. You're really cool.