Thursday, October 27, 2011

New living room progress

Get something new and everything around it suddenly looks very old. 
Luckily, we got rid of all of our furniture, so the only thing around our new couches was our old carpet and patched up dirty walls.
So we painted the walls a light gray, I wanted a color, but we got colorful couches and I'm not brave.
Let's just start by saying that our carpet was horrible when we moved in. 
It should have been changed, but wasn't.
They professionally cleaned it multiple times, but alas, its still old carpet. 
Cant give a bath to an old dog and make him a puppy, right?

So I went to visit our landlord. She's kinda grumpy.
I explained that the carpet is horrible shape, and its tearing up in places and badly stained everywhere. 
I told her that we have a baby coming in a few short months, and I cannot imagine letting him lay on the carpet that is currently in the unit. 
She kindly responded, "Maybe you should move."
"Yeah, that's not it. I can talk to the owners then, can I have their number?"

I called them, and they can't afford to do their job change the carpet.
But I did convince her to cover the cost of an area rug. Hooray!
We spent the next week looking for rugs.
I hunted all the websites and stores and nothing seemed right.
 Finally, I picked this one. It's being shipped here.

Now we just need side tables and a desk! It is really fun to finally pick our own stuff  instead of using what is given to us. I can only imagine how expensive  fun owning a home is!

Ever since our trip to IKEA when we were in Denver and seeing how good their fake living rooms looked with curtains I have wanted some.
I looked at the ones there, and knew I could make them.
SO I spent Monday (or maybe tuesday?) making some to match our room.
It was fun, and I felt awesome.

I'm excited to finish everything. I'll post a picture when it's done.

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Louie Cunningham said...

Good luck with the living room! Heh, it kinda feels exciting to remove the old furniture and see the room as an empty canvas. It has so much potential, so much room for improvement! Well, it's quite fun to plan and see the new room take shape.