Sunday, October 9, 2011

24.5 week belly

I took sewing classes in second grade. 
Since then I have sown a few things here and there, usually having to re-teach myself what I am doing every time. 

But in an effort to let myself believe this pregnancy will end with a beautiful bouncing baby boy in our arms, I decided to make him a blanket. 

So one day I designed this: It's only one side so far, because I want to put his initial in the other side and we aren't 100% about a name yet, so I have to wait to do the other side and bind it. However, for my first ever blanket I am really happy with how it turned out!

Also, I couldn't not laugh when I left Lucas a note on the counter with a reminder. When I woke up he was gone, but this pet name made me laugh:

That's right. He said "Yummie Sugar Baby Love Machine" and dont you forget it!

Moose still smothers our face whenever he can, and I have tried to get a picture of it, and finally got one kinda. It doesn't quite show the full on face to chest attack, and you can't hear the weird noises, but you get the idea. My baby belly also gives him a nice little boost so my face is easier to smother. haha

Speaking of bellies...that's why you're here. Here is my 24.5 week belly shot!
(It's 10:30 and I didn't think I would be taking pictures, so ignore the pregnant-grunge look. )

Once when my hair was like that, Lucas was asleep and he woke up and looked at me and said "Your hair exploded!" and went back to bed. It was awesome.

So as far as the pregnancy goes, things are great. 
I use the doppler all the time, even though I feel the baby move like 10 to 15 times a day. 
My ribs are killing me, and I'm carrying him high just like I did with Molly. 
He is always on my right side still, so my heart shaped uterus must still have some heart shape pinning him to one side, which sounds horribly uncomfortable. 
Lucas has been able to feel him move a bunch of times. It makes us both so happy.
We are hopeful and happy. 
It's really exciting to think that in just 3ish  months we will have a son!

Life is joyful. 
We had a great Sunday even though we go to different wards. 
Lucas has been home tonight, and its been a great change to have him here. I LURVE HIM.

Oh, and I think I am going to delete my facebook and just keep a blog. Facebook eats up too much of my time, but blogging has been wonderful.


emily marie said...

Amber, there's a baby inside of you!!!!

Harlowe said...

You're one of those adorable pregnant women! I'm so jealous, ha ha.

Stephanie said...

Great quilt Amber! Can't wait to see what you do with the back! Projects like that help me keep busy and remember this is all real too happy sewing :)

Sarasue said...

Hahaha I totally remember a picture of you pregnant with Molly and you saying that Lucas said your hair looked like a saggy diaper. Now your hair is exploding this pregnancy. Your hair is impressive. :)