Friday, October 21, 2011

"Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling. "

It took two weeks, but we managed to find Zuri a home.
We insisted that the family she went to had a yard for her to run in, but we kept having people lie to us about it. People can be very dishonest. I'm pretty sure we had about 6 people interested and then they were lying or just stopped talking to us when we said we wanted to see where Zuri would live.

Then a girl was interested. She said she lived alone in a 2 bedroom house on 1/3 acre that was fully fenced and she would love a friend to be home with her. She was REALLY nice so we decided it sounded like it could work. After emailing for a while we asked if we could bring Zuri to her, and she hesistated and said she wasn't comfortable having strangers come to her house since she is young and lives alone, but we could meet at her parents house. I agreed, thinking that was wise of her, but asked her to send a picture of her yard. She did and it looked great. Sad, I was settled that Zuri would be happy with her.

I cried pretty hard as I printed the mapquest directions to the girls parent's house, and cried harder as I tried to eat a bowl of cereal before we left. I cried so hard I couldn't eat it and ended up dumping it in the sink because it was soggy. I had really gotten attached to that little puppy.

I did feel good about it though. So we drive to Idaho Falls while I gave Zuri a few more cuddles, and pulled up to a house with a very familiar yard.

Right away I knew that she had lied to us. The yard she sent a picture of was definitely her parents, and she didn't want to meet at her "house" because it was probably an apartment. We hesitated but decided to meet her anyway.

We went in the house and it was full of people. A couple little boys, a teenage boy, the girl who wanted Zuri, a lady I assume was her mom, and an old senile woman in a rocking chair yelling questions about Dancing With the Stars.

They were all REALLY nice, and the old woman was hilarious.
      girl:"How old is she?"
"Ten weeks"
      girl: "She's tiny!"
"Really? We thought she was huge."
      Old woman: "WHO'S UP NEXT?! HOW OLD IS THA' DOG?! IS IT A BOY DOG?"

I would have called the girl out for lying about the yard, but know that Zuri could be happy in an apartment if she is walked every day. And the mom does live close, and does have a fully fenced in property so I'm sure Zuri will spend some time here. We were surprised that we actually felt okay about Zuri joining their family.

So I tried not to cry again, said bye to the puppy and wished her luck, and we drove home to a much relieved Moose. He seriously was instantly happier and peppier when we came home without his little bully. I was sad, but the past few days since Zuri left have been better, so I know we made the right decision.

The other day my friend, Tim, messaged me and said "Happy Birthday!" My birthday is in June and it was funny. But it made me want cake. I make horrible cakes. I dont know why but I never can do it. But I really wanted one, so I took the easy route and got a box mix, and made myself a non-birthday cake.

It was delicious. I love cake.

Usually, I love Halloween, but I've been feeling less festive this year. I love the fall weather, and other people's decorations, but I have had no motivation to try and get spooky. I think mentally I'm ready for January so the holidays are just checkpoints to the real finish line. Just 14 weeks till baby time!
Until then, though, it is impossible not the enjoy the colors. This is the tree in our front yard..

One of our neighbors has a big apple tree that we walk past every day with Moose. I always look at the apples, but since I've never seen anyone out there picking them I assumed they were the really sour kind that is hardly good even in pies. But yesterday we were walking Moose and there was a guy out there with buckets and a ladder. We waved at him and he offered us some apples. We agreed, happily, and he gave us a huge box of THE BEST APPLES EVER. So good. I keep craving them, and they are smaller and healthier than grocery store ones, so I'm in love with them.
Come over and eat some with me!


I've been remembering my dreams more lately, so my dream journal is getting more use. If you forgot and want a laugh or two, you can read them here : DREAM JOURNAL.


A conversation with Lucas that made me laugh:
Me: I hope our baby looks like you.
Lucas: I hope he looks like Moose.
Me: That would be sad.
Lucas: He would be cute forever! And the ladies would love him!

You win, husband, you win. Fingers crossed for a puppy son, then.

Oh, and I got a job at a call center. It will help us out for the rest of this pregnancy. I also might start watching a little boy 2 days a week, which would be fun practice for ours.

ALSO... I applied and got my semester from when I was 18 removed from my transcript! It was sooo bad and so long ago that they let me remove it and so my GPA went up from a 3.02 to a 3.7! Now I can apply for the nursing program. I already filled out the application, and am just waiting for my character reference letters to get mailed back to me, and then I apply and hope they like me. I probably wont get approved my first shot, but if not I will reapply. I'm just excited that because they approved dropping that semester I dont have to wait another year to apply! I might actually be able to graduate and be a nurse!

Good news all around! Now I'm going to make some pumpkin cookies! (Okay okay, I'm loving the fall. But I am still SO excited for January. )

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