Friday, May 18, 2012

I'll Go Back One Day!

(This post should have pictures but they are stuck on my old phone and I cant send them to myself now.
I apologize.)

A couple weeks ago my old friend Sara invited me to go to a Rockies game with her. Lucas was out of town and her husband was working so it was pretty perfect. We hadnt hung out like that since probably 3rd grade, maybe you could count some church activites later on in life but not much.

Anyway, we had such a great time. I didn't pay any attention to the game and kept accidentally cheering with the opponent's fans that happened to surround us. It was too distracting to talk to Sara. Then it started flashing lightning, raining, and hailing on us so everyone was kicked out of the game and the feild was covered with a giant mat. Sara and I were freezing but had tons of fun walking through the rain and trying to convince the employees to give us free jackets (They didn't- I've lost my touch). We rode the lightrail home from Denver and by the time we got home our cheeks and abs hurt from laughing.

There was a drunk girl on the lightrail home that looked super familiar to Sara and I. We coudln't figure out how we knew her but we ended up sitting next to her. She was on the phone talking like a baby, leaning slumped in the seat and saying into the phone "I'm on the lightrail! That is where I am! I am on the lightrail, seriously! I know that's where I am. I'm seriously on the lightrail!" She hung up the phone and laughed and slurs to us, "I mean that's where I am. I'm like' UH I AM ON THE LIGHTRAIL!" We laughed and mentioned that she looked familiar to us and she asked about some schools we knew nothing about, told us she was 28 so we probably wouldn't have had the same group of friends. We almost gave up and she goes "WAIT, ARE YOU MORMON?"

We decided we knew her from girls' camp long ago. It was so funny.
We talked to her and her sober chaperone on the train embarassedly put up with her antics until they got to their stop. As drunk girl staggered off the lightrail she yells over to us

We had a good laugh over that one. So did everyone around us. :)

Anyway, it was really good to have a girls' night and just hang out and have fun. I should do that more often. I sure love hanging out with Lucas but I like it so much that we often just stay home and enjoy being with each other. Its causing me to neglect some of my friends, and now I remember why they are my friends. I LIKE THEM!

Oh, and the Rockies lost once the rain stopped.

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Sarasue said...

That was sooooo much fun!!! Im gonna start getting the shakes if we don't get to hang out again soon. Hahaha!!! P.s. Left shoe found, 17th and curtis. :-D