Friday, May 4, 2012

My car won't brake for The Avengers

The Acura dealership where I work hosted a pre-release screening of The Avengers the day before it was released. People were pretty excited about it. 

Hadley and I invited 250 guests, and after she had her baby I took over. I made sure everything was scheduled, met with the movie theater management to get everything planned, arranged to have three demo cars that were all decked out in S.H.I.E.L.D. gear on display in the lobby, and put together 250 give-away bags that ate up my office for a couple days.

The morning of the premier I was pretty excited. I already saw the movie so I knew everyone was going to love it which made it more exciting. I have worked a few hours late every day getting ready for everything and by about noon of yesterday I was ready. I got caught up on all my Non-Avengers work and had two hours to take a break between work and getting back to Courtesy Acura to get everything and everyone ready to go to the movie theater.

As I left the dealership to go get some food I was stopped at a red light facing down a pretty steep hill when all the sudden my brake pedal stopped holding the vehicle, slammed to the ground, and my car started rolling into the intersection. I held the brake on the ground (though by now I knew it was doing nothing) and yanked up on the e-brake to keep me from slamming into traffic that would not have seen me coming.

I laughed at the timing. Lucas and I have  had no issues with our Escape since we bought it about three years ago. Its been solid and reliable. But it chose today to have the brakes break. Or not brake, if you will.

I knew I had to run home to get things for the movie, and I live about 15 miles away. I had to take two highways and drive through two cities to get home. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I worked too hard to let my car with no brakes keep me from getting my first even at my job from going well, so I just kept on driving. I used my emergency break to assure I stopped before hitting any cars. I drove super slowly on my way home and made it safe and sound into the driveway.

As soon as I turned the car off I heard a clunk and when I got out of the car there was fluid all over the underside of the car next to the front tires. I'm pretty sure it was brake fluid and my car was basically giving up forever. I now had 20 minutes to make it back to the dealership.

I ran inside and grabbed the keys to my in-laws car, let moose out, grabbed some water and the things I needed for the movie, and drove back to the dealership in a working car. Somehow I made it back on time and once at the theater the GM and I left to get everything set up at AMC 24.

We set up a table to greet our customers and had a wait line. Soon guests started arriving, we greeted them, gave them their goodie bags, their phones were taken away by representative from Disney (because it was an early screening- which was kinda silly because it was being released 5 hours later for the midnight showing- but oh well), and soon everyone was seated and watching The Avengers.

It was my first time coordinating and pulling off such a big event. It was really fun to turn and see everyone laughing and having so much fun. Everyone was so excited and was really happy to be there, so it made the long hours worth it. (Also I got to see it again for free which helps in the happiness)
When the movie ended we said goodbye to all our happily new Avengers-obsessed customers (seriously. Everyone was SO into it), and then I got to drive a shield car home for the night.
I love my job. And Acuras. And The Avengers.


Michelina Douglass said...

It seems that your car brake issues wouldn’t stop you to do some work! But what happened on the road was pretty scary. I’m at awe on how you were able to drive the car home without getting into a major accident. But I suggest that you check you brakes regularly to ensure that is working properly and on top condition. Good-working brakes will definitely save you on the road, and help you get the job done smoothly and safely!

Carry said...

Haha, your car was definitely excited to see the Avengers! LOL! I've also watched the movie, and I may say, it is one of the best films if the year! It will never be the third highest-grossing film of all time for nothing. BTW, how's your car? I hope the concerns about the brakes have been fixed. After all, the Avengers aren’t here to save us. :D

[Carry Demaggio]

Rita McCall said...

Congratulations on your quite successful event! And the car breakdown definitely didn’t cast a pall on your glowing victory. But I think it’s kinda dangerous to drive a car without a working brake. Thank goodness your emergency brakes are there to save you. But I would advise you not to do it again. It would be risky for you, and an accident might occur in no time.