Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Desk Cuddle

Remember when I used to post something that made me laugh everyday? Well I liked that. So here's something from just now.

Lucas called me today while I was working and after we talked he said, "Okay, well I better go home and study".
I replied, "No. Come here and cuddle me. On my desk?"
Short pause.
 Lucas says, "On your desk?!"
I laugh and say. "Yup"
He waits a second, imagining it, and says, "I hate that cuddle! It makes me sick inside! First because we would be uncomfortable on a desk, and second because people would be like walking around us! We will never do that!"

Then I laughed for the rest of my life at his anti-desk-cuddling outrage.

**btw, I realize this may sound edited. It is not. We really were talking about cuddling.**


Carrie Lynn said...

I knew this wasn't edited because sex on a desk sounds WAY better than cuddling on a desk.

I keep thinking about cuddling on a desk and I feel like Lucas and I have the same rage toward the idea. That would be the worst thing ever. EVER.

Amber said...

I love you, Carrie!

Rachel said...

You two are cute! And I agree with Carrie.