Thursday, August 2, 2012

This is not my bed.

 Lucas and I are house/cat sitting this week!
(Oh and turns out I dont dislike cats. Their cats are great!)

Is it just me and Lucas  who get a bit freaked out by the house noises when sleeping in a new place?  Our imaginations get the better of us! There were a few times I was sure there was an evil person roughly the size of a cat jumping around upstairs with evil intentions.

The first two nights in the house I stayed there alone because Lucas' brother was at his parents so he wanted maximum time with his family. Immediately after getting there you better believe I checked every room for intruders. (Why wouldn't someone sneak into a random house and quietly sit in the bathtub waiting to be found?) Once I knew I was alone, i got comfy and watched some episodes of "Friends" while eating a handful of almonds.

After two nights of comfortable privacy  braving sleep in a new house and bed, Lucas was supposed to join me for the rest of the week. Hooray! Well, then i get a text that says "hey Amber its Chrsti, I realized i never gave you my address, its _________________. See you tomorrow!" Surprise!

About four months ago I interviewed with a lady about being an occasional overnight nanny for her 15 month old son. I had forgotten that we agreed on the end of July as a start date. So at about 10pm I hopped in the car and drove to the house of a lady I met once to sleep in a random bed. But I'm not one to refuse getting paid to sleep. I'll get paid to sleep all day long!

So, Lucas took over my post as the cat-sitter so I could go to my first overnight shift.

What I expected for my night:
~ Arrive. Baby's mom leaves.
~Peek at the baby, ooh and aww.
~Get in bed.
~Wake up to baby waking up.
~Play until his mom gets home.
~Go home.

What Happened:
~Arrive. Baby's mom leaves.
~Peek at baby, ooh and aww.
~Get in bed.
~baby wakes up.
~I pretend to be baby's mom and keep lights all off so he cant see my face. Pick him up. He wraps his arms around my neck and scrunches his face up into my neck and goes back to sleep.
~I melt into a gigantic puddle.
~Regain composure and put baby back in bed.
~I get in bed and start falling asleep.
~Wake up about every 15 minutes thinking someone is in the house. (To be fair it was a really old house so it was really creaky. Plus there was a crazy thunder/rain storm outside so it was being extra spooky.)
~Wake up in the middle of the night to what I thought was a bear coming to eat me. Turns out their giant lab was actually not as "locked" in the basement as I was told.
~Take dog out to use bathroom. I'm too tired and unfamiliar with his habits to know if he did or not, but when he comes inside I let him into the basement again. I go back to bed.
~Sleep another half hour when I wake up to what sounds like something peeing in the hall.
~Go outside and notice that their vent is pouring water from the ceiling to the floor and down the stairs because of the insane rain outside.
~Stumble through the house to find something to gather the water in. The sound of the water as it hits the bowl is super loud so I quickly find a paper towel wad to shove in the bottom of it to quiet the sounds and hope that it helps prevent a full-on flood in their house.
~Go back to bed.
~Wake up at 5:00 to my alarm telling me to get up and go to work.
~Wake up at 5:30 to my alarm telling me I'm a lazy bones.
~ Wake up and get dressed, check the house. Stairs are soaked and bowl from the leaking ceiling is full to the rim. I dump it out and dry to sop up some of the water on the stairs.
~ I realize the closer I get the basement the more it smells like poop.
~Go in the basement and realize that the big dog had thrown up in his kennel, broken out of said kennel, eaten a giant bag of dog food, felt sick, came to wake me up, I let him out, he was scared of the storm, came back in, I put him in basement, he then pooped all over the basement while I went back to sleep.  Good Morning. Let out two of the other dogs and take them outside, then try to keep them away from all the poo that is inside.
~Check on the baby, he's laying happy and awake in his crib.
~He stares at me like "who. are. you?" I say "Hi, Rylan!" He smiles and lets me get him out of the crib.
~I then play with him/fall in love with him until 7:30 when his mom gets home.
~I say goodbye, tell her about the poo and the leak she says "Oh I'm sorry. That happens, yeah, during storms." She was so normal and happy about it, haha.
~I drive to work at the dealership.

About half way through my shift at work I call Lucas to see how HIS house-sitting night went.
He says, "It's kind of spooky!"
And I thought it was cute picture him being freaked out of sounds and shadows too. Its funny how when you're in a new place or in the right mood at night, this:

Can feel more like this:

I go back in two weeks for my second overnight shift, and even if its a poopy floody crazy night of scary house sounds, I'll like it; I mean, look at this face!


Jess said...

This is so funny. I check behind the shower curtains even in my own house. That is a very likely hiding place.

Taylor Morgan said...

I am right there with you on being freaked out by scary house noises. It does not take much at all to convince me that there is a ghost or something in my house, determined to do something terrible.

I'm ridiculous. And that boy is ridiculously cute.