Thursday, March 21, 2013

I read an article about a study...

Lately I have read lots of shared and re-shared articles about how women need more sleep than men.

I believe it. Lucas can get five hours of sleep and have a perfectly productive day. I need at least 7 but function best with 10. TEN HOURS. My whole life I thought it was just because my mom vacuumed around me when I was a sleeping baby to teach me not to wake up. She never quieted the house or my older brothers when I was sleeping and so I learned to tune things out <genius>. I can't remember ever not being able to sleep. I lay down, close my eyes and I'm asleep until an hour after I "wake up". 

Because of my inability to think or function in the early morning, Lucas doesn't wake me when, dark-and-early, he gets up and faces the cold to give Moose a loooong morning walk. (I love him for it every day. Even though I am often unaware that he got out of bed, got dressed, came home, and got back in bed. He does it faithfully just to give our little puppy a better day when we are at work.) Lucas never complains about it, and also doesn't make me feel guilty for my inability to wake up and walk Moose in the mornings myself.

 So, last night I said to Lucas "Guess What? I read a study that said they found out women actually NEED more sleep than men. They NEED it."
 He said, "Yeah I believe that. Your minds dont stop, its just go go go".
I said, "So, turns out there is a reason mornings are so horrible for me! It's not just the pregnancy. I'm a woman!"
 He agreed that I am, indeed, a woman.

The next morning, early early early, I woke up. It is unexplainable and rare. Lucas was waking up for his walk with the dog. I'm not usually "there" when he is leaving. I said, "Hi baby." and he said,
"Morning honey," He sat up and started scratching Moose's belly, turned to me and said, "Guess what?! I read this study that says women are supposed to get up early to walk their dogs!"

I laughed so much. I love that man.

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