Monday, March 25, 2013

Pregnant 3- The fun deets*

First a funny from Lucas:
He was making us breakfast for us, fried egg sandwiches. He accidentally dripped a glob of egg yolk on Moose's back. We left it there all day and Lucas kept calling Moose "Yolkback Mountain" hahaha!
Did you know that I love being pregnant? I LOVE it.

I loved my other pregnancies. Last night I was reading my journal from when I was expecting Molly and I wrote something like "I was so thirsty at work today so I was drinking TONS of water. Then the air from the printer hit my face and it was horrible so I threw up all that water! I was so happy! 16 weeks and I thought I was done getting sick- Nope! Still makin' a baby!"

Sure, being sick isn't fun. It gets old to get headaches and to not be able to keep food down. But when your curled up on the floor next to the toilet thinking "WHYYYYY?!!!" you remember your little baby and you smile. And you grab your belly. And you think, "Oh yeah. It's for you. <3"

That feeling is still there the third time around. Even with the anxiety and the impatience. I still sleep with a hand over my tummy as if somehow I'm helping to protect our little one. I love it that Lucas puts his hand on my tummy when he talks to me. I bought a dress that makes me look more pregnant than I am and it's awesome. I like looking pregnant and being pregnant and talking baby names and all of it. I even like when people have questions about my other babies and I enjoy answering them. (What mom doesn't like talking about her kids?!)

Do I complain sometimes about feeling carsick all the time? you bet.
Do I hate the alarm clock in the morning even if I had a full 8-10 hours? Every time. I'm constantly exhausted.

 I have this vision in my head of the moment we meet this baby. I see it kicking those tiny legs and crying a beautiful cry. I imagine seeing Lucas holding his baby and for the first time and I hope our cheeks are covered in smiles and wet with happy tears. All of the messy pregnancy stuff gets us to that miracle moment, so I love it all.

Here are some of the answers to the common pregnancy questions:
  • I am 13.5 weeks pregnant- I'll be 14 weeks Friday.
  •  My due date is September 27th, however our delivery date will be around August 31st or September 1st. (at 36 weeks).
  • I will have a planned C-section because inducing 4 weeks early is really dangerous with 2 previous C-sections.
  • In  my dream world, I get to have an all natural vaginal home birth. I  know it's not in the cards for me, but if I could I would. Lucas isn't sold on home births, so he dreams of a birth center with a homey feel but the perks of being close to the hospital and  having midwives everywhere.
  • We found out I was pregnant at four weeks, I started getting sick at six weeks.
  • We are getting a gender ultrasound (among other things) on MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND! YAY!
  • How my pregnancies compare to each other:
    • MOLLY
      • Super sick the whole first trimester. I couldn't keep anything down.
      • Warm air (like from printers or walking into a room with no open windows) made me sick the fastest.
      • I craved Giant soft pretzels most of the time.
      • I lost ten pounds in the first tri from being so sick.
      • Jamba juice was the only thing that I kept down.
      • Started feeling better at about 14 weeks with random episodes for a couple months.
      • Acne got worse.
      • Started showing about 16 weeks.
      • Lucas knew she was a girl.
      • Delivered at 37 weeks.
    • KELLEN
      • Didn't really get sick at all. I think I threw up once because I was choking on a noodle or something.
      • I got a migraine about once every week and a half starting at about 13 or so weeks.
      • I didn't have any constant cravings, just day-to-day ones.
      • I gained a normal amount of weight.
      • Acne cleared up.
      • Started showing around 13 weeks.
      • It was so different from the last pregnancy that we both thought he was a boy and were right :)
      • Delivered at 30 weeks.
    • BABY #3
      • Started getting sick about 6 weeks.
      • Just starting to feel better at 13 weeks.
      • I've had a couple migraines.
      • I have been craving Wings for the last three months.
      • I haven't been as sick as I was with Molly, but way more sick than with Kellen.
      • Acne is worse.
      • Gaining a normal amount of weight.
      • Stated showing at 11 weeks. (mostly just water I think ?)
      • We both think it's a girl because of how similar this is to being pregnant with Molly, but who knows!
      • Delivery planned for 36 weeks!

(I left my phone at my in-laws house on accident. When I get it back I'll post the few belly pictures I have)

*Usually I am super turned off when people use words like "deets" and other abreevs. I always think- hey just say DETAILS. But my friend Brandilyn says things like that every now and then and I think it's cute and funny every. single. time. It made me want to try it haha.


brandilyn said...

Bahahaha! I always abreev words and think, "This must be so obnox." But then I do it anyways. It started out as a making-fun-of-other-people thing and turned into an i-think-it's-funny-thing. I'm glad it makes you laugh! And I'm just devouring every pregnancy post. I felt the same way as you--loved loved loved being pregnant and I LOVE hearing about other people's pregnancies!!

Liz-a-nator said...

Is it weird that aside from all the happiness of you being pregnant again, my favorite part of this entry was the sentence, "I think I threw up once because I was choking on a noodle or something"? Because that's hilarious.

Callie Deluccio-Read said...

I genuinely enjoy reading about you and Lucas. Your relationship seems so wholesome and effortless. I'm so happy for you that you've found this in your life. Also, I'm so excited for you to be pregnant, of course. I think about you all the time and send my love and well wishes to your family. I am so looking forward to following your journey and reading more about you and Lucas and baby to be.
Your long time ago high school friend, Callie Deluccio. :)

Melissa said...

You guys are the cutest!

"They" say that when you are pukey sick during your pregnancy, especially the beginning, that it's a girl because of all the extra girl hormones. Held true with my pregnancies!

You guys will make super awesome parents to this lucky little wee one!