Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Spoons in love.

Today I poured myself a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and opened out silverware drawer

It is not sorted. It is a smorgasbord of utensils. We used to have a plastic sorting tray, but one day we took it out and Lucas did the dishes. When he emptied the dishwasher he just took out the silverware thing and DUMPED everything in the drawer, closed the drawer, and knew he was never going back. I dont mind it enough to get a new organizing tray. It makes me less unhappy than it makes him happy, so it stays.

Anyway, I needed a spoon for my cheerios. So I opened the drawer and there were only two spoons left. One HUGE spoon we use to serve salad, and one tiny one we use to feed chipmunks. Actually I'm not sure where it came from, but its cute.

I held them up and Lucas said, "The big one"

It lasted a minute, but my cereal was disappearing too fast and I got milk all over from the awkwardness of it.
Lucas says "That's spoon is so big you need a little spoon to eat out of it."


Problem Solved!

As I mentioned before, I did not think Lucas would do anything for me for Valentines Day. Usually we decide to just go get a steak dinner, and he knew that my plan to get him an automatic car started wasn't going to happen. But alas, I married myself a good man.

Turns out while I was in class Lucas went looking for a certain gift he knew I wanted.

He could not find it anywhere, but he loves me too much to give up. (I'm the worst) So he drove to Idaho Falls and went into a craft store where I had first shown it to him, bought it and drove all the way home to set it up before my class was over.

So I came inside and there were roses on the counter, and dove chocolates on the counter spelling out a huge "I LOVE U", and the wooden figure. I loved it. He is a great "big spoon", and I'm the luckiest girl in the world. We also went and got steak, because its a tradition. I only got a little sick.

Even though it was over a week later I was so guilty at my wife fail that I knew I needed to make up for it. So one day I drove Lucas to class and decided to get him a football video game he has been wanting but never felt good buying since I wouldn't use it. I didn't know what it was called though so I decided to text his brother. I send a text..

" Hey what is that football game called? Dont say anything to Lucas"

Send. I feel great that this will be a great way to show him I love him.

I get a text from Lucas

"Hey Hun, Its called (BLAH BLAH FOOTBALL SOMETHING), and I'll try not to say anything to me"

I was SO DISAPPOINTED. How did I send my text to Lucas instead of his brother?? I smacked myself in the head, and then felt so stupid I cried a little. I text Lucas "I can't believe I sent that to you" and he sweetly and honestly answered, "It still made me super happy even though it ruined your surprise"

I decided to still try and act like it was a surprise and went and got the game anyway, bought him a few of his favorite little snacks and stuff and made him a card.

When he got home he loved his game and ate his snacks and made me feel better that I'm such a dope.

I love my big spoon.


Jana said...

Hahaha. oh amber, you make me laugh! also, I love that figurine :)

Stephanie said...

I love that one too! Willow Tree is amazing.
Is it by chance NCAA football? my husband plays that one a lot! Maia also thinks she plays it with the dummy controller :) Sounds like it was a good Vday though :)