Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

Work today was INSANE.
It started out alright, Lucas and I got to work together. We had the 3 to 11 shift, and my sister Emily was babysitting Moose with her friends having a girls night at our apartment. All is well at the SpringHill Suites.

or is it...

Lucas went into the pool/spa area to check the pool towels and make sure the pool was clean and he noticed a couple (they are repeat guests/offenders) drinking some beers in the hot tub. We just had a meeting yesterday where we were reminded that food and drink is not allowed in the hotel, and we need to ask people who bring food or beverages in to the pool area to please throw it out or eat it outside of the pool area.

So Lucas walks up to the guests and basically tells them that he doesn't want to be the bad guy, but he has to ask that they don't drink in the pool area, and that food and drink is not allowed, especially not alcohol. The guests seemed annoyed but said okay. Lucas leaves.

He comes to the front desk and tells me that he asked them not to drink. About a half hour later I check our camera (the only way we can see the pool area from the front desk) and see that the couple is still drinking beers, and not trying to hide it. Just ignoring Lucas. A few seconds later I see their daughter get out of the pool and read the sign that and says loudly (thats why i heard it on our horrible mic on the camera) "See Dad! Right alcoholic beverages" They kinda shrug her off and keep drinking.

I hate yelling at people. I dont want to upset them. I dont want the confrontation, but I figure I will go talk to them anyway. Do my job.

I walk in and as soon as I open the door the guest looks at me, grabs another beer and cracks it open. I smile at him.

"Excuse me, I'm very sorry to interrupt but I'm going to have to ask you to not drink in the pool area."

The man SSSIIIGGGHHHS and rolls his eyes and starts telling me that they have come before and there were kids being loud in the pool and THEY never got yelled at. Then there was a time there was a baby in the pool and THEY never got yelled at. He tells me he feels targeted because nobody else ever gets yelled at.

(I want to say "you're right. I should have known that you LIVE here and have seen EVERY SINGLE guest here and we have NEVER scolded anyone but you.)

but instead I say
"I'm sorry if you had an unpleasant experience before, and I wish that someone had said something to a disruptive guest so you could have enjoyed your experience-" INTERRUPED
"YEAH THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE. There were BABIES in the hot tub, that is ILLEGAL. NOBODY said anything to them."
I say "I was not working that day sir, I apologize nothing was done. I am just trying to enforce the rules now so that other guests can enjoy their experience as well and because it's my job."
He gets more mad and says "Those other guests RUINED my experience, its happened THREE times!"
"I am very sorry sir, and I promise if I see someone with a baby in the hot tub I will ask them it is not allowed"
He gives a big fake laugh. I'm getting mad.

I say "I'm just doing my job"
He says "I'm SURE YOU ARE!" sarcastically and gets up and throws his beers away.

Yikes. I stare at them for a couple seconds too long to make them realize I think they are being absurd before leaving the pool room.

I'm shaking because I feel bad for upsetting them. I really was just doing what I was told. But he did jump down my throat as if I had been waiting for THEM to check in and was just so happy to get to yell at them.

About an hour later his wife comes to the front desk eyebrows raised and arguments ready in her pistol.
"um, how did you even know we were drinking?" I say "we have a camera." She says "uh huh. So how come you didn't yell at the family that went in after us that had a baby in the pool" ( I didn't see any baby in the pool, i saw the family that went in and they did not have an infant)
I say "I'm sorry I did not see a baby. I was working on things and checking people in and out and dont just watch the camera all day"
she says "SO you were here for an HOUR and didn't notice a baby in the hot tub, but you DID happen to see us drinking?!"
"Yes. Our maintenance man told me you were drinking and he asked you to please not do so. So I was watching for it." She looks appalled.
She says "Whats so wrong with drinking in the pool anyway? We have been to TONS of marriotts and they all let us drink."
I said "It is a Marriott rule, ma'am. I dont know why they dont enforce it, but it is a rule here. I am just doing my job." She says "It is not a Marriott rule. This is the first time anyone said anything"
I say I'm sorry but it is a rule. She then says that she had a baby poop in the hot tub and ruin her experience here. I apologize.
She goes ON and ON and ON swearing here and there and telling me how basically we chose them to yell at and never yell at anyone else. (we actually remind all rule breakers of our rules)
I am getting SO fed up with her.
Then she goes on a huge rant telling me that we are Profiling them because they aren't Mormon and Mormons dont drink. That that is a rule here because everyone is Mormon. I say "We were not profiling you at all. It is a Marriott rule. We tell everyone we see is drinking not to drink in the pool area. You are free to drink in your room. There is no rule that alcohol is not allowed in the hotel." She bratty laughs and says "You ARE profiling us! You didnt yell at ANYONE ELSE!"

I said "Ma'am I'm sorry I had to come in and ask you to throw it away. You had already been told not to bring it into the pool. Its a public pool, and that is a rule here."
She says "You didn't tell ME anything before"
I said "Our maintenance guy told your husband, then. And your husband told you"
"How do you know he told me?"
I said "I could see you talking about it, and heard your daughter show you the rule on the sign"
SHE GETS SOOOOOO MAD. She says "I'm not even listening to you anymore! You could HEAR us!? You were listening to our PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS?! What is your name?! WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!"

(Um, of course we are going to have a way to be able to see and hear what goes on in our hotel. Its because SOME people can't be trusted, and we need to be able to be sure our guests are safe--- if you want privacy GO TO YOUR PRIVATE ROOM. That public pool area isn't really the best kept secret)

I say "Amber" She says "AMBER WHAAAAT?" LIke I'm deaf.
I say"Amber Taylor"
She says "I'm going to be talking to Marriott about you."
I say "okay."

She comes back a few seconds later after storming off and says "I want your managers card. I will be contacting him." I say "Sure."
Lucas hands her a card. (He walked up about halfway through the argument)
She takes it and stomps off.

(That is the shortened and censored version)

About 15 minutes later her husband comes down. I am currently checking in a big group of older people. We are all laughing and talking and I'm checking them in and talking to them about movies. (Enjoying showing him that I am unaffected by them- even though I was shaking)

He gets SO mad. He starts by saying "I waited until they left to save some embarrassment...blah blah blah" Then he GOES OFF. I dont even remember everything he was saying because he was so mad it was just babbling and cursing.

He starts yelling at me and tells me that I was eavesdropping on them and that is so wrong and we are profiling them and he is going to contact Marriott and tell them about me. (I'm sure Bill Marriott will call up and say "Amber. Please do not enforce rules or listen to your boss....HAH! PLEASE Call him, lets have a chat with Bill Marriott you dummy!)

Then he starts swearing at me, and points at me and says "YOU ARE OUT OF HERE. I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER. YOU ARE OUT OF HERE!"

He swears again and I say "Sir if you do not calm down I will call the police."
He looks taken back and then SO MAD "PLEASE, CALL THE POLICE!" But starts walking away.
He mumbles more profanity and Lucas starts to say something and he points at Lucas and yells. "YOU SHUT YOUR #*&!ing MOUTH!" (I think. I was so shocked I dont remember exactly, but it was short and dropped the F bomb loudly.)


I mumble things in shock and tell him I will have a manager call his room.

I call My manager and fill him in. He laughs at how ridiculous the guest is and transfer him. It doesn't go through so the guest calls me and says "For SOME reason your managers can't reach me. Have him call my cell phone." click.


Call the manger, he says he is on his way to the hotel.

He arrives and helps his wifes grandparents to their room. While he's gone I get a call from the room. "Is he ever going to come talk to us? What is taking so long?"
I say "I will call you and let you know when he is ready."
"Ready?! He's here? What do you mean ready?"
I say, "He is helping to check in a guest right now, he will come speak with you when he is finished."
He says "Checking them in? Why? Because you don't know how to do your job?!"
"Actually it's his family they needed help to their room. "


So anyway, His wife comes down and I say "Hi! How are you?!" haha

she goes "Fine. I heard he was here."
I said "He is. He is helping an elderly couple into their room. He will be down in a minute"
She says "Hm. An Elderly Couple?" unbelieving.
I say "Yup" She goes to wait in the lobby.

The manager comes down and sits to talk with her and she asks to talk to him in the privacy of his office.

They come out about 10 to 15 minutes later and she looks no happier than before. She walks by me and says under her breath as she passes "Lying B@#!"


They way some people act is so crazy to me.

What was their goal? To have me say "Sorry ma'am please get drunk in our swimming area. Rules dont apply to you because you dont like rules. Here are some illegal drugs, go to town."

They were just mad they got in trouble. They didn't know how to react to not getting to do whatever they want. It was like fighting with an absurdly hairy child.

I've been through all that before, while nannying for a 5 year old.

"Hey Kyle, you cant have that."


"I didn't see Dillon Take one!"


"Okay. But you can't have that."


So similar. So juvenile. So unexpected from adults. I sure learn to expect it more often.

Also, I ended up working a double shift. 3 pm until 7 am the next day. Still here. Going on hour 13. Keep it up good day.


MaShay & Jason said...

Good job Amber. Working at a security system company I dealt with ridiculous people as well. Obviously they felt shafted...but I had to stick with, "You signed a contract. I am sorry I can't give you 400 bucks of free equipment." I am so impressed with your calm responses. :) See you in a few hours!!!

Brandilyn said...

people are ridiculous. you handled it well and kept your cool, which automatically makes you the better person :) i'm sorry your having a crappy day

Kaylee Hartley said...

Oh. My. Gosh. They were so ridiculous! I'm shaking after reading the story. I don't know if I could have kept my cool the whole time...well maybe I would have just laughed at them to their make them more mad. Haha. I think the best part of the story is that the next day when we went to clean their rooms, it was SPOTLESS. They even rolled up their dirty towels! Ha! I bet they felt really bad. At least I hope they did. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

Stacy said...

I can't believe they treated you like that. I'm so sorry! I really hate it when people think they should be the exception to the rules. If everyone is an exception to the rules then why have rules??? I'm sorry. I hope you don't have to do that again any time soon.

Shalena said...

I hate people like that. Working at Walmart I see lots of people like that. What makes my day is when my manager backs me up like yours did. It sure helps when they want to report you or complain! Good job for keeping your cool, it really is a hard thing to do!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Good for you for staying so calm and rational! There is no way to reason with people like that!

Anna Alyse said...

haha. great story. I love over-reacting drama kings and queens.
and i read your blog. hope you remember me :)