Sunday, April 22, 2012


 (Moose and Chewy have nothing to do with this post. I just like them. The light puppy is my sister-in-laws dog and Moose's best friend.)

One of the things I liked about Lucas when we first started dating was that he did the little things all the time. I especially liked that he would open the door for me. Unless it was too freezing outside, then he would park as close as he could to me getting in the door and look at me with a crooked smile that says, "Please don't make me." I assured him I understood.

Slowly, we have been more casual and he opens the door for me less often. In real life, sometimes you just get in the car. Most the time I beat him to the car and am sitting inside before he even has the chance.

This morning, we were walking out of the house to get in the car and go to church.  He walked a bit faster than me and I was pleasantly surprised when he reached for my door handle and opened the door so I could get in. I smiled, thanked him, and stepped just inside the door. As I began to get into my seat he closed to door on my legs. I looked through the window at him and he started laughing and walked around the car laughing his head off about it. Which of course made me laugh as I pulled my legs back inside.

A few minutes later we were stopped at a light and he says, "I think we are going to be great parents."
I grabbed his hand and said,  "I sure hope so!"
He answered, "I know so." Pause "You'll be upstairs being lazy and in bed. I'll be downstairs feeding the kids, the baby in the highchair, getting ready for the day. You'll sloooowly make your way downstairs."
I looked at him
He answered as though he has discovered something important, "I guess I'm realizing that I'll be a great parent and you' there."

Hahahaha! What a sweetheart.

We laughed the rest of the way to church. My Dad was at the stand making announcements, and we went to the singles branch to hear my sister speak.

We were probably talking more than we should have been, so Lucas leans over and whispers "Your dad caught me"
I said, "I'm a tangerine? You're a tangerine!"
Confused, he said, "What?"
I repeated, "You said I'm a tangerine, but I think you're a tangerine."
Lucas whispers, "hah! No I said your dad caught me, but then I thought you said that I'm a teenage dream!"
We both quietly laughed until my mom slid into the bench next to me.
 I whispered to her,  "Mom. Lucas is a teenage dream!" she said. "Okay."

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