Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A trip through my phone.

Today I went through all my phone pictures. I should do it more often! Here are some of the highlights:

 When I get up in the morning and get in the shower, Moose always moves up to steal my pillow. He always looks adorable when I come back in. 

 This is the panorama of our apartment in Rexburg. I miss our stuff. 

 Chewy, Moose's best friend, longing for the oudoors. 

 Chewy feelin' free.

 Lucas and I were obsessed with this house in the Parade of HOmes. It was awesome and we still talk about it. 

 I dont know how I am green in this picture.

 Hadley's baby shower cake. It's kinda creepy.
 My favorite flowers in all the world. Hayley didn't even know that and she bought some for Kellen and Molly on Easter.

 Kellens perfect tiny little feet.

 I love my sweet boy. 

 Moose, the day we bought him. He was so dirty.

 Moose gets anxiety when we are on the other side of a door from him. This is how he waits on the other side.

 This is how Moose waits for popcorn, which is his current addiction. 

 I miss being pregnant.

Moose when he was a new puppy napping on Lucas' head. He was so tiny!


Rachel said...

That cake really is creepy!

I love your babies too. Thank you for sharing them with us!

cat song said...

LOL. that cake is so creepster. love old photos! they bring back such good memories :)

The Morrisons said...

You're lucky Moose stays on the bed! Bruce literally follows me everywhere, and the situation when I'm taking a shower: bathroom door open, he jumps in; bathroom door closed, he whines and yelps at the door until I come out.