Thursday, April 5, 2012

Radio Face

I was on the radio today. 
It was really fun. I've tried calling in once before because I always find myself getting sucked into their debates, but the line was busy. It kinda makes me feel like a crazy person when I call in. Creepy like the women in Sleepless in Seattle who fell in love with the guy over the radio and went nuts. 
This includes the main lady character.

(We watched this recently-ish. Meg Ryans character should probably be in jail. Sometimes the line between creepy and romantic gets fuzzed in movies. If you wait like 7 years and watch an out of date romance, there is a high chance you will find some creepy undertone. Something like stalking, obsessions, and mental instabilities that make you wonder why this movie sold so many tickets.) they were talking about a list made by women of the top ten most important inventions. They said the things women came up with were absurd and were even sometimes selfish. Before they read the list, they asked for callers to guess. So I called to venture a guess.

I was very surprised to get through, then get through the screener with my call. 
It was nothing special, I dont think it was a big enough thing for them to have a clip online or anything but it was like 

"YIE!" (something this radio station has callers say as a greeting)
them: "YIE! What's your guess?"
"I would definitely say cell phones."
"See! Its not on there. Me too! blah blah blah"
Then they said something about facebook being a girl and not being on there either. 
Then they said "keep listening" and I wasn't sure if I was still on so I mumbled something like "okay perfect".
Then they hung up on me.

It was cool to hear myself on the radio a few minutes later. I sat in the parking lot of my car to hear them play it after the commercials and stuff. Mostly I was glad I sounded female and my guess was a good one-haha. Anyway, that was my neat thing to do of the day!
 Its not as cool as how Lucas won a trip from a radio ad, but its a cool radio moment anyway. 

Have you ever been on the radio?


Jessica said...

I called into the Dom & Jane show's mind bender once and I won!! I got tickets to the Harlem Globe Trotters. And guess what.... I never picked up my tickets!!! SO dumb. I wish I would have been listening to the radio to hear you... not like I would have known it was you or anything. But still.

The Morrisons said...

When I was 11 I won an American Girl Doll (Molly) from Radio Disney. That's pretty much the only time I've won anything! But it was sweet. PS, I am SO JEALOUS of you guys! Have fun on your trip!

Keeley Farrell said...

Yes! On the same station in fact!

Kristen Pierson said...

I once called into a classic rock station cause they were mormon bashing because of a fellow who got kicked off the team. I kind of got nervous but I wanted to say to them "You guys sound like idiots, get online before you start bashing any group of people"