Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh, I see.

Fortunately, I have always had amazing vision.
Unfortunately, after having babies it got a little fuzzy around the edges.
Fortunately, its livable.
Unfortunately, when you're used to seeing better than 20/20, its REALLY frustrating not be able to read street signs until its time to turn or the time on the oven across the kitchen.
Fortunately, I have always wanted glasses.
Unfortunately, I don't look great in glasses.
Fortunately, I once found a pair of purple sunglasses I loved and I want to find something similar. Unfortunately, Glasses are expensive.
Fortunately, eye exams are so fun! I was laughing so hard each time they puffed air in my eyes, which made the techs laugh with at me. I couldnt keep my eyes open and it shocked me so much I just couldn't stop laughing. Who know it was so entertaining to get your eyes checked?
Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately...)  I can't think of any more unfortuantelies.

I am actually really excited, and mostly just because now I will wear them when I need them but i dont need them all the time, and I also wont need to mess with contacts since i'm not totally blind.

 When I was just out of highschool I bought some nice frames with plastic nothing lenses and wore them with my "smart" outfits (hah!). I found these ugly old 3D glasses plastic frames with no lenses that I wore around as a joke one day and Lucas thought they looked cute. That gave me hope since he's the one that counts!

I told him today that I want to go to an eyeglass place to try stuff on before I order frames online and he said, "I'm okay with that because I will NOT have an ugly wife!"
I laughed so hard, and he answered, "Well I'm getting off the phone now while you think I'm so funny!" :) Smart move.

Here are some virtual glasses pictures.  What's your favorite?


Brett said...

Number three! The round ones!

Rachel said...


Sheeba & Nick said...

The second ones! If I had to choose between just those one :)

Liz-a-nator said...

I like the first one!

So far these votes are all over the place, which means they're no help at all.

I HATE that eye-puff thing! It always scares the crap out of me!

Emily Jo said...

Number two, but i'd like to see them with thicker... arms? Handles? Poles? Near the lenses. To give them more personality. Or number four. I like those two because they're flattering and not so distracting that you forget to look at the face behind them.

Kristy said...

number 2 is best.
the rest don't look like you.

Shiloh said...

"Number 2! Pick number 2 my lord!" (name that movie :)

Stephanie said...

Shiloh I was thinking the same thing!

Haley said...

I say #2. And I also agree with what Emily said: something with lots of personality. :)

brandilyn said...

i like 2 and 3! you're going to be so cute with glasses!

Anonymous said...

last ones no doubt.

Anonymous said...

the last one no doubt.

For the Love of French said...


brifor789 said...

Glasses are so fun!! I wear them too (only since I was 21), and it started out sometimes, but now its all the time. They can be expensive but if you order them online they are a lot cheaper and often come with a "send back" guarantee. Anyway, I would pick something like #2 - they look the cutest (but maybe in a different colour, like purple).