Monday, July 30, 2012

Zippity Doo Da

Earlier this year, my parents relocated to Larkspur, Colorado from their home in Littleton. I grew up in the house in littleton so it was a bit sad to see the house empty and to hear that someone new is now renting it.

Their new house is pretty great, and the story of them  moving there is better put into detail on my sisters blog, if you are interested.

They have six acres with a creepy cave and a pond and some thick "forest" areas, an old chicken coop that my Dad plans to use as an ice skate "shop" for when all the cousins and grandkids come in the winter and want to ice skate on the frozen pond.

Well, being the avid Harry Potter fan that I am, it didn't take long to name their property features.
The house=Hogwarts, of course.
The Chicken Coop= The shrieking Shack (its pretty perfect, actually, and right next to ...
The Messy Forest=The Forbidden Forest
The Pond= The Enchanted Lake
The train you pass on the way to their house= The hogwards express

I will post pictures to help you fully appreciate the greatness of it all.

 I missed our old house even less when one of the first things my parents did when moving in to their new house was to install a 500 foot long zipline across their new property.

Here is Lucas' first ride on it a few weeks ago:

AMAZING. I cannot get bored of it.

My whole family is pretty adrenaline addicted, and while this isn't exactly SCARY, its a fun thing for us to get to do at my parents! Our kids are going to be obsessed with going to Grandma and Grandpa Hermann's house!

The other day we brought some of Lucas' family to come ride it, too. Unfortunately it started storming after each person got only one ride, but it was still fun!

The zipline was the star of the show during a family reunion that was last weekend with my Dad's siblings. It had been a pretty long time since they had all been together, so it was good to see everyone. We also rode dirtbikes around the property, ate way too much junk food, and of course told stories and laughed like crazy!

My Grandpa kept calling me "Crash" because while I was on a dirtbike I was going really really fast and didn't give myself enough time to slow down before needing to turn and I crashed into a barbed wire fence, bent a steel rod and got thrown off my dirtbike. I got a bunch of bruises and scratches, limped around for two days, but was fine after all of it.

I love family! I'll post more reunion pictures when I go to my parents house and can use their computer :)

Come to Colorado and ride with me!

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Stephanie said...

Party at- YOUR MOMS

I'm totally admittedly jealous of the Hermann zip line