Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am running in a circle. I will start something, and I will do it more and more and more, than slowly do it less and less, then stop doing it, but I will soon rediscover my lost obsession, and begin the cycle again.

Here are some recent obsessions of mine:


The Jamba Juice Chunky Strawberry Topper. It is AMAZING! I got it for breakfast twice on our Cali trip and now Lucas and I are completely hooked. I want it all day everyday.


This book is CRAZY. You can look up your name and it will give a detailed meaning if what your name means. It has been pretty spot on for most of the people I read about. Mine was so accurate that I have to look around now because I think name book authors are following me.

Thank you, Carrie, for allowing me to borrow this time sucking book. I have been looking up names and reading people their name blurb for like 4 hours now.

I spent a ton of time the last two days making this,

So now I am even more obsessed with this

I always do this. Next month there will be more things I obsess over, and this weeks obsessions will be long forgotten and my mind will be lost in a cloud of some other strange new thing. Am I the only one who does this?

Oh, and also. Lucas is so funny. Sometimes he says things that totally shock me. For example, we were in the car and I jokingly say "so you think I'm butch?" and he says "Yeah, butch, why don't you put on some lipstick."

Also, sometimes Lucas and I are in shock over how cool our dog is. Moose is funny because he isn't sure what a human face is for. Is it a bed? Is it food? Is it a scratching post? Is it where he should put his belly and roll around all over your face making weird sounds because he is just so confused? Yes. Be careful laying down at our house, you will get a big face full of mop-dog.


Shalena said...

Ooo do my name, I am not sure it is even in there but try anyway I am curious! That is hilarious about Moose rolling on faces HAHA!

Carrie Lynn said...

I knew you'd be sucked in to that book. It's freaky! But I like reading things that scare me- like fortune name interpretation books and books about sharks.

Ceci and Steven said...

Haha. I think I like/enjoy all of your obsessions. Specially the crafty one, I wish we lived a skip and a hop away so we could craft together as we keep reading names on that creepy book(I want it)
And last night I had a dream that some random super fancy lady (it might have been Sis.Bills) came up to me and gave me a pretty lipstick she didn't want, and I actually loved it and told Steven I would start wearing lipstick from now on. :)
Love ya!

Amber said...

Shalena, I looked in the book and your name isn't in there :( Sorry!