Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vacation day 1 and 2

What a fantastic start to a vacation!

We were so excited for vacation that we thought something horrible would happen and we wouldn't be able to go.

First, hours before we leave it begins to snow palm sized snowflakes. After looking at my options I pick the only one and ignore it. It works! The snow turns to rain and washes away the snow. It piles up and becomes slush on the side of the road. Our plane will be fine.

Then, while packing the suitcase my back started to spasm and I was curled up on the bed in pain. So instead of going to the Dr. and risking our vacation being delayed, I chose to me smart and ignore it.

It works! My back pain went away.

Next, we are supposed to leave at noon for the airport, but we are also waiting for a GPS that my in-laws are sending that is supposed to be delivered at noon. Cutting it kinda close, eh?

Well guess what? Its our lucky day, and the package arrives about 15 minutes before we head out the door. GPS? check.

Then at the store an hour before we leave for the airport I think I see smoke coming out from under the hood of our car. Dont risk it.

And by "it" I mean ruin the vacation.

I ignored what may have been and did smell a lot like smoke.

It works! We made it to the airport and left my sister with the car.

Hope she's okay.

We were actually surprised by the fact that our SUPER cheap airline tickets were real and we made it through the airport and to our terminal without getting cancer or being groped. Then our plane showed up.

Then we boarded the plane. The plane was real and successfully departed on time. We both slept half of the flight, and were awake to see the seasons change and we magically went from winter to summer in one hour.

We got off the plane and went to the rental car place. We were so happy it was warm and there were palm trees outside that we hardly noticed the rental car place smelled like urine. (Dont they all?) We were also distracted by the HUGE line that wasn't there, walked right up to the counter and got the car and were on the road in about 10 minutes.

Global Positioning System finds our hotel, where we are staying for $17 dollars a night. The reservation is real. We check in. We relax and hang out and do "nothing" because you are allowed to do "nothing" on vacation.

We go to bed early.

I don't fall asleep right away because I'm excited to wake up and go to Disneyland. A man with a really loud and deep voice can be heard through the walls of our room. I say to Lucas, who I don't realize has already fallen asleep, "Do you hear that guy talking?"
He says, "Nope."
I am surprised and say, "Really? You don't?"
He says, "Maybe you have honey in your hair."
hmm. Thats probably it. haha!

Oh, how I love sleep talking. That was the perfect end to a great day!
I am now able to sleep happily.

Day 2 is just as good as day one!

We wake up and aren't even tempted to sleep longer because we get to 1) eat a free breakfast. and 2)Go to Disneyland.

I haven't been since I was ten.

I was so excited I could hardly function. My stomach hurt and I felt like a kid.

We get to Disneyland, find parking pretty easily, get a bus right to the park, walk right up to the gate, our Passes work and we are in!

Lines to get into the park are about ZERO and we just start going on rides and taking pictures instantly. (I'll post pictures when we get home. I didn't bring a memory card adapter)

We decide to hit the rides right away.

The following happens about on about 90% of the rides we went on:

We walk in the entrance, and are surprised while we walk all the way through the empty designated line areas, go right up to the beginning of the ride where a costumed worker says "How many?" we say "2" and they say "gate 1" So we get the front seat.

That exact thing happened over and over and over. It was awesome and weird. How can we be so lucky?!

By 10:30 we have gone on almost every single ride. There were pretty much no lines, and we kept getting the best seat with no effort.

Then after splash mountain we are soaked because we sat in front, and we go to the Mark Twain ferry, and the fake captain comes up to us and says "Is it just you two?" We say "Yes" and he says "I see you got wet on splash mountain, would you like to come up to the wheel room with me?"

SURE! Random!

He takes us onto the boat and into a tiny little room with pictures of Walt Disney there. He explains that that is where Walt Disney would sneak away and take naps and watch the park. We then go up and get pictures "driving" the ferry, and he lets us ring the bell and blow the whistle that is heard through much of the park.

That was fun!

So that is pretty much how our whole day went. Lucky, right?!

At this rate we will likely wake up to a pile of money outside our hotel room door with flowers and a note saying "for you. Just because."


MaShay & Jason said...

So happy for you! I am glad you got to go and everything is fine and dandy. What's your costume now?!?!?! Love you both.

Eric & Crystal Marshall said...

AMBER! Where the heck did you find a hotel for $17 a night, and cheap airline tickets? I didn't think those things still existed! I am jealous and happy for you all at the same time! :)

Jenica said...

Sounds like so much fun! This time of year and January after New Years is the best time to visit Disney parks cause it's their off season. I'm going to try and go in January :) Have fun on the rest of your vacation and can't wait to see pictures!

Sarasue said...

nice "quotation marks" amber. Ha!!!