Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3 in Californ eye A

Since yesterday lines were really really short and we got through all the rides we wanted in just a few hours, this morning we wasted no time waking up and hurring to roll over and cuddle and fall back to sleep.

We went down to breakfast in time to eat before they clean it up, and grab some extra bread and packets of jam, honey and peanut butter so we can make lunch and save money while at the park.

Yesterday I paid 11 dollars for a pre-made regular sandwich and a water.

We stop at the store and get some baggies for our small packed lunch, and off to California Adventure we go!

The park was a little more crowded today but the lines were still on average about 10 minutes long.

My favorite ride was the tower of terror. I like the feeling of falling. It made me miss skydiving.

(While I write this we are watching Hell's Kitchen. These people are Crazy! They are also SO angry! Maybe its the background music, but this is overly intense. These people act like they fighting for world peace instead of for a juicy steak. Weird)

We went back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure re-riding the best rides and laughing and taking video of each other with our camera.

Lucas got a little dizzy and so we went and watched some of the 3D shows. It seems less interesting now that we can go see a 3D movie in any theater and some people have 3D televisions at home. I dont know that its worth waiting in line anymore for a fan to blow air on your face and a mister to spray you so you feel more involved. I still like it. But I can see how these things are losing their appeal.

While I'm talking about their audience involvement shows I will mention the show "CAPTAIN EO" with Micheal Jackson. WHAT THE HECK?! HORRIBLE! Have you seen it?

We watched the firework show that ended with "snow" and Christmas music and the kids on their parents shoulders to get snowed on. It was really cute. Christmas decorations look so much better with snow than without. (Sorry warm states)

We talked a lot about how fun it will be to bring our kids here, and see their faces as they get into the atmosphere here, and get lost in their imaginations. It is such a magical place and we want to share it!

Before going home we ate the lunches we packed a huge turkey leg, a thing of fries, three churros, two ice cream cones, some waters, two pieces of bread, and a hamburger.

We think we are all theme-parked out for at least the next 7 hours. But tomorrow we go to be in the studio audience for LET'S MAKE A DEAL! Fingers crossed that we get called onto the show to make some deals! Probably won't happen, but maybe our day 2 luck will return.

Oh, and we haven't picked our costumes yet. We'll do it tomorrow?

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missliany said...

Good luck on Let's Make A Deal!