Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crazy Chicken Foot

 Last night Lucas and I went over to take advantage of free food   eat at my parents house.
Then we stayed and played a couple rounds of "Chicken Foot" with Dominoes.

We played it a couple of nights ago, and it sparked an obsession with me and my mom. We have been craving it ever since that first game.

So after dinner, we played again with Lucas, me, my mom, my sister Emily and my brother Eli. Once everyone was done playing, we put it away and Lucas went to hang out with Eli and play some video games, Emily disappeared, and my mom and I started talking in the kitchen.

Slowly, my mom and I ended up standing at the table staring at the Dominoes box.
We both wanted to play again, but we just put it away and everyone else left because they were over it.
I gradually opened the box and started touching the dominoes.
A: " Chicken Foot is so fun"
M: "Yeah, it really is."
We both stare longingly at the game. (We're sick I tell you!)
A: "Can you play with two people?"
M: "I dont think so."
A: "yeah..its too..."
M (perks up) "We could try! I don't see why-... we could be two people!"
A: "OKAY!"

We both got irrationally excited and dealt out two sets of dominoes to ourselves while laughing like we were so sneaky for figuring out a way to play.

It got really confusing trying to be two people competing against eachother/myself.
We started referring to all the hands as "This guy" and "That guy".
We kept forgetting whose turn it was and would just sit there then quietly mom-scream "OH! It's This guys turn!" and point at our own pile.

We decided to pick one pile to be ourselves and the other to be "Lucas" and "Dad".
It helped.
And because my mom and I are super dorky, we started actually trying to play, without meaning to, as if we were covering for our spouse and tried to play how they would- like it was the right thing to do.
We were feeling so silly and my mom was like slap-happy laughing at everything.
Soon my sister walked downstairs and overheard the two of us in the kitchen, by ourselves, playing and saying "Well Lucas played that, so it's Dad's turn." and "Lucas! That was a mean play!"

Emily laughed pretty hard when she realized it was just the two of us playing as two people each so we could keep playing a game nobody else wanted to play. And we were loving it.

Then she goes, "Fine. I'll play"
Now we had three people, and that is enough to play!

So naturally, Emily deals herself out two stacks of dominoes, one for her, and one is "Logan."
"Lucas" and "Dad" kept playing.

The six three of us sounded like a bunch of crazies and Lucas comes upstairs and commented on our psychotic behavior and laughed at us.
I'm pretty sure he wanted to have us checked out when he heard that Emily won with "Logan", so she switched and said her other, losing, pile was Logans. THEN, she got guilty about stealing a win from her boyfriend, and decided to be honest and let him have the win.
What a good crazy girlfriend she is.

Finally, Lucas decided to play, so he sat down and decided to take over for Logan. "Logan" won, and Lucas was a bit sad that "Lucas" did worse than he did.

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emily marie said...

I laughed through this whole thing! Hermanns are the COOLEST!