Friday, February 3, 2012

Washing Machine Woes

Before we came here we prayed and prayed to know if it was the right thing to do. As I mentioned before, we did not feel any certain pull either way. We made our decision to move, and prayed that if it was wrong, we would know it by our path being blocked. Basically, we asked the Lord to "Stop us if this is wrong. Let something keep us here if we aren't meant to be there."

So we set to work. Things happened so easy and smoothly.
Packing was easy. Cleaning was cake. 
Getting a moving truck was affordable and easy.
Loading the truck was easy.
Having somewhere to go was easy.
Everything was easy.

Then, we decided to do our last load of laundry.
 In a year and a half of living at this apartment we have been in love with our washer and dryer. No problems at all. Quiet as a mouse. Clean clothes, easy machines to clean. They have been wonderful.

So we are about three hours from leaving, and our last load of laundry was just finished. The "Door Locked" light turned off, the machine clicked, and Lucas went to pull on the door. It would not open. Something happened and it seemed the machine could not unlock on its own. Lucas pulled and pulled and it was not budging. Since we don't own the machines, we can't exactly just decide to break it to get our clothes out (Plus, we really want our deposit back). 

We checked for advice on facebook to see if anyone knew a trick. 
We called my handy Dad. He had no clue.
We checked Dr. Google but almost everything we found said "break it".
It was so discouraging and random that suddenly, with our apartment completely empty and everything shining and clean, our wonderful machine would refuse to open and give us the last bit of our stuff, and then it was going to eat our 500 dollar deposit. 
I think it was going to miss us, really. It felt like it was saying. I WILL NOT LET YOU MOVE!

Lucas grabbed a screwdriver from the tools that, for some reason, he thought we should leave out as the only thing we didn't pack. Blessing!
He took apart the washer. The back was off and the top was off and there were 5 million little black screws everywhere. Google said there was a "manual switch". 

Such lies. 

Nothing. There was nothing we could do and I was so;idso;aidsnflk! 

We set the washer to do another wash and hoped it would auto- unlock on it's own. Crossing our fingers we left to get some dinner with friends and tricked ourselves into believing it would open when we got back. Of course it didn't. That clear door seemed like such a mean little window to the clothing that was the only thing that made me feel like "Shoot. We aren't supposed to move"

Then Lucas said, "Well, babe. I think it's time to pray for a miracle."
We both walked over and kneeled down in the empty living room and prayed that the Lord would help us know how to fix it, or if it was broken, that He would fix it for us. We
 said "amen" and went and stared at the washer. 

We then decided just to reach our hand into every little crack on the inside of the washer to find a switch to fix it. There really was nothing we could do. 

Then Lucas reached down and gave the door a light little tug. 

It opened. 


I love prayer. There really is no other answer. 

That machine was good and stuck. We found no way to fix it. But Heavenly Father can do anything.

Once again we learned that He cares about us, He loves us, and He cares about the little things in our life. 

That was awesome. 

Then we left our clothes there and moved.

Just kidding. We folded them, left the door open, and took them with  us. 


Rachel said...

Butterflies, unicorns, and glitter. That is hilarious. Love it.

You two are awesome, and I admire your faith.

Haley said...

You make me laugh. I love reading your posts.

p.s. I'm jealous you get to be in CO. I want to move there. I told my mom to give you a hug for me. Make sure it's a good one. :)