Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Sunday


Church today was so uplifting and made me so happy.
The speakers were very powerful and the spirit was strong.
In Sunday School and Relief Society the lessons were about basic gospel principles and  of course, Jesus Christ. I love when lessons are about Christ because I always end up crying 
and remembering how thankful I am for Him and that I belong to His church.

When I was young and learning about Jesus Christ, He seemed a bit unreal.
He was, what felt like, a lot of nice teachings and ideas that came from a world much different than the one I actually lived in.
I believed he had really lived and really taught the principles I was hearing. 
I believed that He had really died for us, 
but I looked at paintings of His life and it seemed like another world.
Like there was real life, and then there was church life.

One of the most beautiful thing about trials, though, is that you start to ask questions.
You ask questions that make you search for answers.
I know I did, and as I asked I learned. 
And most importantly, I realized what I thought I already knew about Jesus Christ.

I learned about the power of His atonement,
I felt peace through His teachings,
I have found answers through the scriptures written by His prophets, both past and present.

Today was one of those days when He felt close.
I was reminded that Jesus Christ really loves me.
His father, and my Heavenly Father, loves me.  
They don't just love me as a general requirement as being on the earth. 
They love me as Amber.
They love my children, and my husband.
They KNOW me, and my life, and they care about me.
They are people, with bodies of flesh and bone.
They literally  hear my prayers. 

It is through Their love that one day we will all be resurrected, just as Christ was.
Everyone who has ever lived will walk and talk and live again in resurrected bodies.
Because they loved us so much, I will get to hold my babies again.
Church and spiritual feelings and promptings are not just nice thoughts.
Wanting to be with my kids again is not an empty hope.
It's not "I sure hope so"
Its not, "I think somehow my kids are out there."
One day my family will be whole, and I wont teach my kids about Christ through pictures,
because they will already know him. We will literally be able to walk with Him and learn from Him.
We have an eternity together. 

And that is a message that brings joy.
If you have loved anyone, ever, there is joy to be found in that knowledge.

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