Friday, February 3, 2012

Road Trip!

We set out for Colorado early in the morning. It was beautiful. As I said in my last post,
we prayed that if we were meant to be stopped we would be.
That is a risky prayer when you live in Rexburg Idaho and you are moving to Denver, Colorado in January. RISKY!

But, lucky for us, the roads were wonderful and dry. There were almost no cars on the road. It was safe and easy and fast (11 hours to the minute, but with a moving truck that is not bad).

Sun just starting to come up, it was stunning.

As we came over the hill there was a thick low fog that was  breathtaking.

Moose spent about a half an hour sleeping on every item in the car. looking for the best view.

This is what I looked at for about 9 of the eleven hours.

At about this point in the drive, I discovered that the Kid Rock song that "says",
Bawitdaba-da-bang-da-dang-diggy-diggy-diggy-said-the boogie-said-up-jump-the-boogie"
actually says,
"Bar with the Bar the bank the bank digging digging digging with the bookie said up jump the bookie" 
 I was sure it was about Kid Rock planning to rob a bank with a guy nicknamed "Bookie"

Road trips make my brain weird. 
I sang my own version for about an hour.

DENVER! Almost there!


You know what else is amazing?
We got home, and the next day we unloaded the moving truck. It was beautiful out.  T-shirt weather. 

As soon as we were settled, Colorado turned into this:
(This is not my picture. But it looks like this outside, but add nonstop giant snowflakes falling all day. Schools were all cancelled. Its still snowing. I'll take pictures tomorrow.)

Anyway, I'd say that the fact that we missed that storm COMPLETELY and made it here before even a flake fell was a complete blessing. 

We both feel much more certain that we are supposed to be here.  Surely, nobody has luck that good.
Not even Kid Rock and he got away with a bank robbery and convinced everyone he was just singing jibberish nonsense about nothing. 
I've got you figured out, sir.

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