Thursday, February 9, 2012


It's still hard to believe we moved here. 
It's pretty awesome. 
So awesome in fact, it's hard to believe. 
Luckily, I have proof that we moved.

I think it will finally feel real when we move out of the in-laws house and into our own place.
It might even start feeling real when we have jobs and have to go to work.

Unfortunately, once our families realize we aren't on a vacation but we LIVE here they might stop taking us out to dinner and movies so much.
 That would be a cryin' shame.

Last night Lucas' dad and sister went with us to "The Woman In Black".
It's no surprise that I'm a Harry Potter fan.
Not necessarily a Daniel Radcliffe fan, but how could I not want to see Mr Potter in a scary movie?
First off, don't watch any scene with a child in it.
Secondly, don't sit in a creepy Chinese themed theatre when you go see this movie.

The movie is freaky, not horrifying. 
It's a classic, old-style horror ghost story.
What REALLY got me into the freaked out mood, though, was my haunted seat.
As I was sitting there my seat would move forward and up a little out of nowhere.
I would slam it back down.
It would start moving again.
I checked Lucas' arms to see why he would be messing with my seat. He was not doing it.
I checked my sister-in-law, she was huddled in her seat in fear and could care less about trying to scare me. Finally, I decided to scold whoever must be behind me and messing with my chair.
Nope, nobody in any of the ten rows behind me. 
My chair was haunted.
*Whisper* "Lucas, my seat is moving on it's own!"
His eyebrows lift and he mouths "ooooo"
Quickly his eyes return to the screen. 
Clearly, he does not understand that I am living a scary ghost moment.

The seat kept moving and I tried to ignore it and slam it backwards over and over. 
That was one pesky ghost. 
Finally I moved seats.

Of course, as I eyed the chair it was motionless. At least the ghost didn't follow me.

Then, after the movie I went to the restroom.
It was all black with red accents. 

While in the stall I see a shadow cross one way outside the stall.
No sounds.
Then the shadow goes the other way.
Dang it, scary movies!
Luckily, the shadow moved into the stall next to me and just happened to have very soft shoes on. 
The shadow was a person. She needs to stomp more.

After we left the theatre we went to Chilis.
Just inside the door, right behind the host's stand, I see something.
There are two legs with big rubber boots on hanging from the ceiling, slowly swaying back and forth.
It seriously looks as though there is a hanging man in the restaurant.
what are the chances? This is a creepy night.
Stupid Harry Potter.
Luckily, my quesadilla explosion salad had way too much dressing on it so I forgot all about the ghosts. Turns out ghosts leave you alone when you don't think about them.

Oh, also, I stayed up pretty late playing Mario Wii.
Its addicting. Lucas was asleep next to me and Moose was asleep at my feet.
When I finally turned it off I went to the restroom and got ready for bed.
When I came back I reached out in the dark trying to be silent so Lucas would stay asleep.
I found the footboard and used it to find my way around to my side of the bed.
Then something huge and dark and husband jumped out from a dark corner and grabbed me.
I screamed "HOLY!" and covered my face.
Its a strange moment when you are scared and you seriously think you are going to die.
Then it's your punk husband and everything is fine.
And you say, "You little!" but you are actually jealous that they got you so good.

Lucas walked out of the corner and laughed and laughed until we were both asleep.
Also, my scream made Moose pretty freaked out for a long time.

Also, look at these creepy icicles outside our bedroom window. They are coming for us!


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I love reading your blog. It always makes me laugh! hope your settling in!