Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nobody likes a liar, Zeke.

I am so excited that we are moving to Colorado.
I'm also kinda sad, just because this is the only place Lucas and I have ever lived together, and we have an amazing ward at church. There are wonderful people and good friends here that we will have to leave. However, I love change. I love it so much. 
This is why I love packing. 
Packing is fun, and unpacking is even more fun.
Moving heavy boxes is fun for husbands who like working out. 
Everyone is happy.

Its been a funny kind of phone day. 
My phone will get texts and send texts. It will receive calls. However, I can't dial out. When I hit call it just goes silent and eventually my phone goes back to the main screen. On a lucky call it says
"All circuits are busy. Try your call again later. We hate you"

Earlier, I called Lucas at work from his phone because he left it at home and mine is being so weird.
* ring * ring *
 L: Thank you for calling Rent-A-Center, home of the worry 
free guarantee, this is Lucas how can I help you?
L: I'm sorry...pardon me?
L: NO. YOU CAN'T HAVE A TV! *pause* Hi, baby.
A: Hi.

Then a few minutes ago my mom accidentally called me. I tried to toy with her too.

(super cool ringtone)
A: Hello?
M: Hi this is Susan. I'm looking for Zeke?
A: Yes, this is Zeke.
M: Zeke? I'm sorry I'm trying to speak with Zeke.
A: This IS Zeke.
M: Are you sure? You don't sound like the Zeke I spoke with earlier. Is your Dad's name Zeke too?
A: Yes. We're all named Zeke. The whole family.
(long pause)
M: Okay. Who is this really?
A: Amber.
M: Wha--? ohh, you brat.

Also, I went to a buffet lunch by myself today. We had a coupon I wanted to use before we move. Lucas doesn't like it there, so I went alone at like 4 o'clock. I had two salads. I sat by myself and it felt really weird. All the tables are big. Who goes to a buffet alone? Me, turns out. I wanted to save four dollars on two salads I could have made at home. It was delicious.


emily marie said...

Hahaha this post just made my day. Really, Amber. You're great!

Kelsi Fullmer said...

We missed you playing just dance last night!! Maybe you aren't getting my texts?

Liz-a-nator said...

Unpacking is one of my favorite things. =)

elain said...

Hi you don't know me... I live in Australia but your blogs are helping other people too. Peace be with you. thanks