Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy and Completely Disgusted this evening.

First off the GOOD news...
Tonight we finished our adoption blog! The button with our picture that says "Hoping to Adopt" will take you there! Or click here! 
We are very excited about it. Hopefully word will get out and we will be blessed by adoption sometime in this wonderful new year!

Hopes for the new year
1) Get approved through LDSFS to adopt a baby.
2) ADOPT and bring one of our children home with us.
3) Feel more joy and be happier.
4) Finish Kellen's scrapbook.
5) Do well in School and get into the nursing program.

We are not approved to adopt through the agency yet because the paperwork takes FOREVER. However, if we were contacted privately we would not need agency acceptance, we would just need to be approved by the birth parents and get legal paperwork and fees taken care of. That is why we published our blog early.

(Speaking of new years...ours was spent with both of us slightly sick. We bought some unhealthy snacks, rented a movie, and got in our pjs early. We watched a movie, played wii, remembered to watch the ball 10 minutes before, watched it drop. Gave mini kisses (big kisses aren't hot when you are sick...even on New Years!) then went to sleep. We are WILD I tell you. Maybe next year right!

And now..the disgusted part.

I received an email today from a name I did not recognize. It told me to check my email I have on this blog because there was something I should see. I figured it was probably spam, but checked anyway.
I found this message

"There is a very sick woman in Oak Harbor Ohio that is posting your pictures and saying they are hers. This includes the pictures of your baby that you recently lost. I just thought that you would like to know and maybe you can do something about it. Here is a link to her facebook page...."

He then led me to her page.
This was no joke.

There was a picture of a girl that wasn't me, but there on her wall was a new photo album titled "Jayden Andrew" but instead of some other little family it was MY family.

She had a description that said something like "This was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. My son, Jayden, was born at 32 weeks stillborn."

Then this horrible woman used pictures of MY SON. My sweet Kellen. I was confused and wanted to throw up. I wanted to find this person and figure out what caused them to realize that there are some things that are beyond sacred. There are some people who experience things that are too pure too even joke about, let alone lie about and try to steal.

Confused at how she thought she could pass off my pictures as her and my son as her baby, I clicked on more of her photos.

My mind was further blown as I see tons of pictures of ME AS A CHILD. This woman had completely hacked my whole facebook!! (which is set to private..confused).

Shortly after I saw this, she used my facebook to update and repost an old picture of my ex-boyfriend, Jamie. I don't understand this but I quickly reset my password and changed all my privacy settings so you can't logon to my facebook from any computer but my own. I also changed my blog privacy settings to protect my pictures from being stolen.

(Obviously a lot of good has come from this blog for both my family and for other families who have expereinced loss. I did not want to make it private completely because I like to hope others can find-if not comfort-than at least understanding.)

Sometimes people can really disappoint me. (Like the mom I saw yesterday who spit her gum in the middle of the parking lot instead of throwing it away)
Luckily, there are far more times in my life when I am very pleasantly surprised by the goodness of people. (Like the teenager I saw collecting other people's discarded carts lazily thrown to the side and taking them back to the little gathering cage in the freezing weather just because she was nice)

Happy New Year, Indeed.

Another goal
6) Be a good person. All. The. Time.


For the Love of French said...

I hope you reported it to facebook as well...that should be something they should be able to take off.

Rob and Em said...

Hi amber. 2 questions. How do you change your blog settings to make it so pictures cant be taken (what that lady did is HORRIBLE!!!- that makes me so mad, and it didn't even happen to me. I can only imagine the feelings and emotions you are going through) and 2nd, do you have a button so I can add it to my blog so people can access it and spread the word that you are hoping to adopt (I've see. Amazing results with blogs in aiding in adopting!) I would like to add it if I can. Good luck in everything!

Amber said...

Yeah I think her profile was removed, thank goodness! You can post a code into your blog that disables the "right click" on your site so things can't get stolen. You can google "how to disable right click on blogger" to find the code easily. With facebook you have to go to privacy settings and change everything to be a secure as possible. You can even change it so that someone can't log in to your facebook without a code that is sent to your phone. If they dont have your phone, they can't get on your facebook. I removed the pictures of Molly and Kellen off my facebook though, just in case anyone else tries.

Emily- This is the code for our adoption button. Thanks SO much for your help! You can also get it on the adoption website.

[a href=" " target="_blank"][img src=" " alt="The Taylor Family" width="125" height="125" /][/a]

Just change the ] to > and the [ to < and it should work

Haley said...

Something like that happening would make me want to check my credit score to make sure that no one legitimately stole my identity. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Some people are so sick.

Rachel said...

This is horrible!!!! I can't believe the sick people in the world! I wonder what this woman's story is!

I think you are already reaching your goal. It's obvious that you are a good person all the fact, I'd say an amazing person!