Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For Kellen

Today was Kellen's due date. 
It's a very hard day. Lucas and I are quite sad, but we will try to remember Kellen and the joy he brings us. Its hard to miss him, but its comforting to know he can still be here. 

January 25th
For Kellen

Today we're supposed to have you,
Today was meant to be ours,
Today we're supposed to bundle you up,
And tell you to reach for the stars.

Tonight we're supposed to lie awake,
Tonight was meant for your cry,
Tonight we're supposed to hold you close,
So happy we feel we could fly.

But today instead how we miss you,
Today you've already flown,
Today we think of our little son,
And it's hard not to feel all alone.

Tonight we'll still tell you we love you,
Tonight we'll try not to cry,
Tonight we ask Heavenly Father,
To give hugs to our little guy.

So, Kellen, although you're not with us,
And at times you feel so far,
We hope you know this day is yours,
Our love is wherever you are.


Carrie Lynn said...

I love you so much, Amber. You guys are in our prayers every day, but today I put your name on the temple prayer roll. I hope you feel Kellen extra close. May both of your dreams be filled with him and his love for you.

Dearest Lou said...

Hey Amber,
I just found your blog and read both Kellen and Molly's stories. You and your husband are incredibly strong and I know I don't even know you guys but I admire your faith and how you guys still want to adopt after having lost two babies. You are truly incredible and I look forward to getting to know you through blogger (:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. I know he's watching over you :)