Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Savannah's letters

I am in touch with another mother who has lost little ones. She is so amazing. I just thought I would share this for the readers of my blog who have come for comfort and understanding.

Savannah wrote letters to her lost babies. Her feelings and expression feel as though she was looking into my heart or reading my journal. I have read and re-read these letters and they are amazing.

I feel almost like I could replace her babies' names with mine and it would still feel genuine. Its a blessing to be able to come to know and connect with others in our situation. You really do feel like you know someone through a shared loss. I consider a few other baby-loss moms and dads some of my closest friends just because of the tears shed for one another and the understanding that only those who have been here understand.

Anyway, its just beautiful and so is she.  Please go HERE.

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Evan and Savannah McBride said...

Amber you are so sweet! I'm loving reading your blog and really excited about your adoption journey! You and Lucas our in our prayers and I hope all is going well for you?
P.S. Did you ever get my package?