Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drowning and cookies.

Last night after I made some cookies, Lucas and I were cuddling up and watching some Home Improvement. He had a big cup of water.

I had turned around on the sofa so my back was to the TV and I was leaning on him. Kinda belly to belly. He decided to tease me and pretend to pour his water on me. I'm not sure why, but when I saw that my immediate reaction was to open my mouth.
I cannot explain this reaction. I'm going to call it a leftover baby reflex.
Lucas kinda shrugged and decided not to miss the opportunity and immediately began pouring water in my mouth.

My reclined and twisted cuddle position was not going to allow me to swallow this stupidly unexpected onslaught of water.
Also, he did not stop pouring/snickering until the cup was nearly empty.
I could not keep up. I immediately started gagging and silently trying to hold back laughter while trying not to spit water everywhere.
It ended up coming up and out my nose and dripping all over the place as I ran to the sink to spit out the water to keep myself from drowning at the hand of my husband.
Then I laughed and gave Lucas a little half-punch.

About a half-hour later we were folding some laundry before going to bed.
We were each standing on one side of the bed. Then, with a little smirk and a motion towards the front of my shirt, which was soaked he says,
"Hmmm, what happened there?!"

Also, this morning I ate three oatmeal cookies for breakfast. I visited Lucas at work, and then I had three oatmeal cookies for Lunch.

I'd call that a good way to celebrate my escape from drowning on my sofa.


Gordon & Julie Bird Blog said...

Love the breakfast and lunch choice, accompanied by a diet coke, of course. You are probably healthier than I am though.
Humor gets you through anything in life.
My husband is Bishop and his first counselor's 15 year old son committed suicide last week. No warning signs, nothing. They are our good friends and it is so hard. Funeral was yesterday. Life seems so bleak to them at this point. However, they have a supportive family and great sense of humor. I know those are some of the good things that will carry them through the tough times ahead. Hopefully you have a supportive family as well.
Your blog inspires me.

Anna Harrison said...

We have also been cuddling up and watching Home Improvement lately. (got the first two seasons for Christmas) haha

Callie Deluccio-Read said...

Whenever I read your blog I am truly amazed at you and your husband's relationship. Your love for each other is so simple, pure and true. That's exactly how love SHOULD be, but hardly ever is. You both are truly truly so lucky to have something that has unfortunately became so rare. The perfect example is Lucas' blurb he wrote about you that you have posted on your adoption blog. You can't help but smile while reading it. It's nice to see (read about) two people who appreciate each other so much. Good for you two. :)