Thursday, January 12, 2012

Real life romance and funny videos

This morning before Lucas left for work he said, 
"Would you mind trimming Moose's butt hair today? It's like a net back there." 
He keeps getting "things" stuck.
What a wonderful and romantic request in the morning. haha!

Lucas and I are considering making some big life changes. We are praying about it to make sure we do what is best for us and our family. I will give more details when actual decisions are made, but if you feel like praying that we receive some extra guidance, please do.


Last week I found a bunch of printed pictures that my ex-boyfriend had sent me in the mail to try and convince me to move back to Hawaii. I felt bad still having them, but I also didn't know what to do with them. I'm sure he would probably want them back, (he sent me his best and funniest pictures). However, I don't have his address anymore and I am pretty sure that sending him a text message or an email would be a bad thing. (He kinda hates me because he thinks I fooled around with a band guy)
So I kept the pictures in an envelope with his name on it on the counter for a few days.
Then I threw them away.
Maybe it's his fault for sending his best pictures to his ex?
I still feel guilty. I wish all breakups happened mutually so that when things like this come up, pictures that someone might want dont end up in the trash with some empty cereal boxes and stale bread.
(Oh, and have no fear. I did not fool around with said band guy. --- I am innocent of ex's claims!)


Speaking of Band guy (Carlos).  AFTER ex decided to believe lies of inappropriate activities, Carlos and I became good friends. He invited me to the Grammy's with him the year that Jason Mraz's song, I'm Yours, was such a huge hit. I would have gone with the Mraz group and sat in the seats with them. He offered to buy me a dress to wear.
I met Lucas before the Grammy trip and decided to be with him. I ended up telling Carlos, who had "fallen for me" via phone calls,  that I had fallen in love with Lucas very quickly and I would have to end our phone calls.  I said I wanted to still be friends, he said "Everything happens for a reason".
So I chose Lucas over the Grammy's and a band guy.
It was worth it. Lucas is the best decision of my life.
Though, my sister, Emily, thinks I should have strung Lucas along a little while so I could have had both.  I did not listen to her.
So now I have a neat story of how I ALMOST met Jason Mraz, and I ALMOST went to the Grammy's.

But the better story is most definitely how I met the most amazing man ever created and married him, and three years later we live a classy romantic and spontaneous butt-hair cutting life.

Off to do another Insanity work out, fold some laundry, fill out forms for the school, and look for jobs. 
Though it's not filled with riches and fame, this is the life for me.

*~*~*~*~*~*~ *
At night, Lucas and I tend to sleep with our backs to each other, curled up with our bums close. 
Almost every night since we have been married one of us will reach back and give the other bum three little pats.
Without fail, the other person has always returned the pats. 
It's the cutest little silent "I love you" in the world. 
I hope we never stop doing that.
Also, watch these videos that make me laugh. Honestly, I laughed so hard. I wish I was as brilliant as the dad who  made the Interview video, and as Amelia-Bedelia-like as the DJ German man confused by America:


To end I will say that I bought some Kix because I remember thinking they were good. 
"Kid-Tested; Mother Approved!" right?
WRONG. What kind of kids like that cereal? 
It's like eating air. Or tasteless Styrofoam balls. Or crunchy milk.
My kids will not test this. And I will not approve. 

 Unless, my kids want to have a contest to see who can throw the most Kix into the air and catch it in their mouths. I did this once in sixth grade. I caught like 300  in a row. Maybe that's why I thought I liked them. They give me raw talent.


Taylor Morgan said...

The Jennifer is a Party Pooper video is hilarious!! My little brother showed it to me when Derek and I first got home from Rexburg. I laughed soooooo hard!

Christie Smathers said...

Corn Pops in Canada TASTE like cornpops but they are like bigger versions of kix... but they taste SOOOO much better. But they are puffy. I like them better that way.

Emily said...

I love your blog! I'm not creepy or anything, but I totally have you linked up in my google reader and read all your new posts. Also not creepy, but we're actually neighbors! However I don't think we've ever met... Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your blog it's truly inspiring/funny and just awesome! You have a such beautiful family!