Thursday, December 29, 2011

Soo Sick

I have the most horrible cold.

The day my sister and her husband left for Utah I realized that I had a really bad sore throat. I hoped it would end there, but I have been so sick for the last two days. I have used an entire roll of toilet paper from blowing my nose so much. I need one of these lovely inventions...

It is really strange to be sick. I almost never catch anything. Lucas gets sick more often than me, and I am never even very careful to avoid him because I usually can be sure that I wont catch what he has. Too bad I was not so lucky this time.

Because I have this nasty head cold sleep is nearly impossible and going out would be pretty ugly, I spent all day yesterday and most of the day today making our adoption blog! There is a little link on our side bar over there -------->>>
Right now it is private because Lucas still has some things he needs to write and help me with, but once it is done I will make it public so you can help us spread the word! please :)

We are waiting to hear from our adoption case worker to let us know when he will be doing our home study and giving us our paperwork.

No word yet from the USPS about the job...fingers still crossed!

In the meantime I will be sitting here on the couch blowing my nose and boring poor Moose to death. (He has been sitting and staring out the window. He is not a fan of this cold either)

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Taylor Morgan said...

Get better! I almost love colds because it is an excuse to sleep. A lot.