Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lucas' Day Off

Lucas is off work today! I love when he has an off day.
We had a check-up doctors appointment around 11 so I got up and took care of Moose and Voldemort, washed last nights dishes, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the apartment, took a shower, got ready, and ate breakfast before Lucas got out of bed!
This man can NEVER sleep in so I know he needed it. It was about 10:30 when he walked into the hall with his hair all flat on the side of his head and a big smile on his face.

Sleeping in makes for a happy husband!

He was super cheerful and energetic, took a quick shower, got dressed and was chatty as we drove to my appointment. I love when he gets tons of sleep! He is usually so quiet that it is fun to hear him hyper because he caught up on sleep.

We talked about our hopes for adoption in the car, and then we we got to the office we got a little quiet. It was weird to be back there in this room full of pregnant women. We waited a minute and then got called back into an office where they gave me a tissue paper suit to put on.

I felt like I was in a space movie and I was in a weird costume. The top is like a belly shirt with huge square paper shoulders and the bottom is a slightly too small blanket to wrap around me.

I kept tearing it as moved around. Oh well, there is no shyness in an OB office.

The doctor came in and talked to us. He asked very kindly how we were doing and then spent about 15 minutes talking to us about what we were going through. He said he lost two children too. A girl first and then a boy, like us.

He showed us a picture of his wife at their daughter's grave. It was very sweet of him to be real with us before he had to do be the doctor. He even got choked up as he talked about how emotional it can be and that it's okay to seek help. He gave us the number of some local counselors we can see if we feel we need to have someone to share our feelings with that will just listen and be a good way to organize our thoughts and see that we are normal. We'll consider it. I can see how it would be helpful for everyone to see a counselor, let alone people going through stuff, so we might give it a shot.

After we were done talking a nurse came in to be in the room for the checkup. 10 minutes later I had been fully violated and had the doctor's assurances that I was healing really well and looked great.  I have had some soreness deep in my abs near my hip bones so I have stopped doing crunches until I feel more fully healed form the cesarean.

We left and were told to come back in July for our yearly appointment. July will be 2 years from Molly's birthday, so it was weird for him to mention an appointment for then. Time is so strange- sometimes so fast you try to cling to every second, and others so slow you want to slam your face into your keyboard. haha maybe not.

When we got in the car I read a text from a friend who said her friend just adopted a baby girl and that her and her mom would be a good resource to have as we go through the adoption process. I am excited to have someone to tell us what steps to take and to reassure us when things might get frustrating. It's a long process and we are nervous and excited about starting it.

Yesterday I requested having a packet sent to us with information and an application for becoming a foster parent and for adoption, as well as information on a home study and local PRIDE classes we will need to take.

I talked to my friend for a while and then her friend called me and talked to me about her adoption and the steps she took as well as all the emotions that come with adoption. It was really nice to talk to someone who has been through it.

Lucas is so ready. Today we were talking about how soon it is and if we were emotionally ready to adopt. Lucas said, "I'm so ready to have a baby in our house. I'm just ready. Like something else has changed me and I'm ready to have a screaming baby keeping me up all night." Just a little while ago he didn't even want to talk about it, so it really does feel like his heart was changed and he was strengthened to be ready to not only talk about it, but to start the process. He feels like our children might already be born or be coming soon, and we need to be READY. So we will be.

We will go talk to the local LDS Family Services office soon and see what steps they need us to take.

In the meantime, we just keep on keepin' on.


Sarasue said...

Woot!!!! <3 I'm not sure what else I could say that woulnt be super long, so I'll stick with woot :)

brandilyn said...

adoption is such a blessing! i know i've talked to you about how hard the challenges my little brother and sister have have been on my family, but really, it's an incredible miracle and the greatest act of service to be able to give someone a home and family that they never would have had otherwise. my mom was adopted, too, and seeing the things her family has brought about in her life have been incredible. she wrote a really sweet blog post about adoption here:

and here's a post about when my little brother shaved his eyebrows off, just in case you need a laugh for today:

my mom's really awesome and funny, so if you're ever bored you should read her blog. she cracks me up, at least.

Brittany said...

I found your blog from a friend of a friend.
I am so so moved by everything you say! You have such an amazing attitude and you are the strongest girl!
Thank you for strengthening my testimony, you have helped me so much!
I wish you guys the best in your adoption process! :)
you are always in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope this doesn't come off as weird or stalkerish.. but I have been totally moved by you!
I worked down here in Salt Lake in Labor & Delivery at a hospital and I have seen my fair share of situations similar to yours and needless to say, its tugged at my heart strings so much, I could no longer work there.
I think you are an amazing and beautiful girl! You have what sounds to be a super sweet and supportive husband! I wish you guys nothing but the best :)
-Brittany Nunley