Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Salad!

Tonight we had dinner with our friends the Morgans. She made delicious enchiladas, rice, and a salad with sparkling cider.

After we ate we made sugar cookies and frosting and played with their x-box kinect. It was so hilarious to watch people playing the games and dancing.

We laughed a ton while we were there. One of the things I will remember that we laughed at is something Lucas said.
We were eating and it got quiet for a second while everyone was chewing.
Lucas, in a very serious voice announced,

"Well the salad is good but everything else is gross."
It got quiet for a second and then Taylor, who made the meal, started laughing so hard and I looked at Lucas in shock until I realized he was kidding and I laughed my head off.
Then I put my head back on. That was so unexpected and hilarious. Of course he did tell her he thought it was delicious later. :)

It great spending time laughing with friends. It was our first time really hanging out with them and it was really fun. Too bad they are moving on Sunday. 

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