Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

I haven't purchased anything to give Lucas for Christmas. I did order that Insanity program, but I told him about it. I think we are both counting it as our gift to each other.

Once when my sister Sarah and I were teenagers my Dad started complaining that we didn't know how to cook. He told us we had to make dinner that night. We fought him and said we knew how to cook, although Ramen and Cream  of Wheat was probably all the experience we had. So we went to the store and got a ham and some potatoes and made Ham and a potato casserole and I think some vegetables. It was EASY but it looked beautiful on the table and it pleased my dad. I plan to use the same trick to convince Lucas and Nathan that we know how to cook Christmas dinner. Dear pre-sliced ham, I thank you.

Sarah and her Husband Nathan are coming up from Provo to spend Christmas with us. It's going to be pretty low-key compared to what I grew up with, but at least this year we wont be alone. 
I am nervous about how difficult the holiday will be. Hopefully, having family here will help it to feel less lonely without Kellen or Molly.

The other day Lucas was sitting on the couch looking at the Tree and saw an ornament that my Mom got for us last year. Next to a painting of an angel it says,
"For without being seen, they are present with you." 
He called me over to look at it. He pointed to the word "they" and said, "look, Amber!" 
When we got this it was only Molly we were missing.
But as if this were always going to happen, as if it were meant to be, the ornament says "they."

Yesterday I was driving to visit Lucas at work and I heard a radio ad for a local Mexican Restaurant.
It said something like
"fresh cut veggies blah blah blah, burritos! Authentic mexican flavors! blah blah...
Come on in and try our infamous tacos!..."
Infamous Tacos. INFAMOUS?
Is that a dare? 
(Kudos to the writers of this ad for honesty, I guess)

We almost got a puppy today. He was adorable and I asked the lady to hold him for us so we could come look at him tonight. (If we look at a puppy, we will buy him. We are both suckers for puppies.)
Then I realized, if we get a puppy...he might poo on our new rug.

I cancelled the appointment. I really love that Moose can hold it something fierce.

Why is it that when we potty-train our kids we train them to go in the potty, but when we house train our dogs we train them to go in the yard? Shouldn't we say they are yard trained? Or maybe our kids are Underwear trained? 

Also, how come when someone has an affair and the woman ends up pregnant that baby is called a "love-child?" I asked Lucas this once. He did not know.
I think that child should be called a "lack-of-love child" Right?
Some things to think about.

I have to go buy a ham now. 
I just got the mail and there was a present from my sister for her husband. 
Now I feel guilty for not getting Lucas anything.
Except wait- he gets a ham. 

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brandilyn said...

make lucas a coupon book! i made david one once and it was his favorite gift ever, and it was free and all i needed was a boring afternoon in the store. i made him coupons for back rubs, a sink full of dishes done, dinner and dessert all his choice, a denzel washington movie without complaint...and maybe some sexy ones. i'll never say. but really, he loved that coupon book.