Monday, December 19, 2011

Adoption appointment

We have an appointment with LDS Family Services on Wednesday!
We will be starting the process towards adoption and having our first interviews.
I am so nervous but also excited to be taking steps.

I don't even know if we qualify financially, but we will be applying.
We are also considering going through the county and doing foster to adoption.

The hard thing about fostering is that I dont think my heart can take it if we fall in love with a baby or child and cannot adopt them. If we have to say goodbye again we would probably break.
Wednesday is the start of us getting the ball rolling and learning all we can, applying for adoption, and filling out our adoption profiles.

We want to be parents in this lifetime so desperately.
I'm afraid that our children, no matter how they get here, will not be able to blink an eye without us bursting into tears out of love for them.
They will be so annoyed of how much we appreciate every second of having them with us.
But, at least they will know how loved they are.

 I'll post how things go and of course, when we have our adoption profile I will link to it. It will be wonderful to have any assistance in getting the word out that we are hoping to adopt.

Wish us luck on Wednesday!


Taylor Morgan said...

Good luck! I'm sure everything will go wonderfully, and that it will all work out. :)

Harlowe said...

I see parents take their children for granted all the time and it breaks my heart. I'm guilty of it, too, I had a 7 month old when one of my good friends lost her 3 month old and it really put everything into perspective for me. Every time I complain about being tired, or the fit my toddler is throwing I think of her family, what they have to go without for the rest of their lives and it makes me appreciate my little boy that much more.

You two are going to be the most loving parents to the most deserving children. It just makes me so happy to know that some child who maybe hasn't had the best life so far is going to loved beyond words. I'm happy for you two, that you're starting this process. I'm sure Molly and Kellen are happy for you and their soon to be sibling(s). Best of luck!

Stephanie said...

My SIL recently adopted a 5 year old and her 2 month old brother (I guess it was two years ago but things are still being finalized...takes a long time in Canada) They are an even happier family now it's so wonderful to see. They've lost 3 children, have 3 children and now 2 more to love. They've had many struggles with the younger one because he is 'a meth baby' and has many developmental obstacles ahead but still such a blessing their sweet spirits have brought to their home.

I'm so happy for you guys and this next step! Keepin you and the little ones coming to your family in our prayers!

Rob and Em said...

That is exciting! I will be praying for you guys!