Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cozy and Happy

 Our apartment is so cozy right now. 
It gets dark at around noon
Okay, fine, more like 5. But it feels like noon.

As soon as the sun went down today Lucas turned off all the lights and turned on the Christmas tree and the little Christmas "village". 
Our Christmas village is a whopping one house, an ex-ornament snowman, and a little figurine of kids playing in the snow. It's adorable.
I like it. We keep Voldemort next to it. 

So from 5pm on it is dark except for the Christmas decorations and a small yellow light above the kitchen window that gives the room a cozy glow. It was so comfortable.

Tonight we wrapped ourselves in blankets and played Monopoly Deal (fun!)
and ate caramel popcorn next to the tree. It felt so Christmassy. 
 Christmas is so magical as a kid, so it's nice when you get to feel a little of that when you're sitting at home wrapped up in blankets with your handsome husband.
Even Moose was being adorable and curling up on our laps after he finally calmed down from us tossing his ball down the hall for him to chase. 

The family feeling and cozy warm apartment makes me really wish Molly and Kellen were here. Kellen would be in tiny Christmas pajamas and all our ornaments would hang on the top of the tree to keep Molly from breaking them. It's hard to imagine that she would be nearly 17 months old this Christmas. 
Today thinking of them makes me smile. I hope they are here with us. 
Feels so good in here, I can only imagine it's because they are.


Today we laughed at Moose. Lucas is sick and his voice is cracking a lot. So today he was making his voice squeak and sounded like he was crying. Moose desperately tried to get on his lap and wanted to rub his chest on Lucas' face to comfort him. (we hope. I guess he could be trying to smother Lucas and make him quit crying) Moose kept cocking his head back and forth over and over in confusion while staring at Lucas.  It made us laugh. 

Also, we went into a store for a minute and left Moose in the car. When we came out he was perched on the console between our seats sitting straight up staring at the store doors waiting for us to come back. He looked so adorable we both started making baby sounds when we saw him. 
Okay, we're kinda obsessed with our dog. His over abundance of love is a wonderful thing right now.

I also laughed today at Lucas' cuteness.
I have mentioned before that if something is in his care he takes it's quality of life to be of utmost importance. This includes our goldfish, Voldemort.
Today I cleaned the bathroom REALLY well. It left the whole apartment smelling a bit like bleach and cleaners. So we opened a window. But that let cold air inside. Before we left to run some errands today, Lucas went into the kitchen and picked up Voldemort's bowl from under the window and moved it so he wouldn't get cold. He has done this a few times. 
Gotta keep the fish cozy too!


Liz-a-nator said...

I love that you list the things that make you laugh each day. It's such a powerful part of healing when going through something difficult. But it's also powerful for just every day battles. You inspire me, and I want to try to laugh each day. Thank you for sharing these laugh-y moments...I love reading about them!

Gena said...

Hey, be grateful he moves that fish! I heard of some people leaving their fish in their apartment for a short trip, and when they came back it had froze! Fish and all!

You have such a spirit about you to look at the good and positive of life. You probably don't realize how many people you touch and are an example to. :)

Haley said...

haha!!! I just laughed so hard at that baby!!! Who is it in the clip??

Amber said...

Haley, It's my cousin's baby Raleigh. He's like 5 now, that was the fall before I got married. haha I laugh my head off when I watch it!