Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daily laughter

I think I will try and post something that made me laugh every dayish. I'm sure I will miss days, but I think it will help me to stay positive and happy. It is good to remember the things that make us smile right now.

Today on Lucas' lunch break:
I was sitting across the table from him and at one point we made eye contact. He started raising and lowering his eyebrows in a jokingly seductive way while making a hilariously serious face and I started laughing. In an effort to tease him and exaggerate how he looked I did the same thing but wiggled and twitched my body and my eyebrows.
Lucas: ~laughs~  "Are you having a seizure or making googley eyes?!"
me: "Both!"
Lucas: "BOTH?! You're having a seizure? Should we go to the hospital? This is serious! This is no time for googley eyes!"
Welcome fits of laughter.

We laughed as we left and got in the car, and laughed the whole way to take him back to work. It was refreshing and fun. It was, in reality, a great time for googley eyes.

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Haley said...

You've been pulling the seizure move for a long time. I remember you doing that when we were younger. So funny!!

I just remembered something may not remember this. it was our 4th year hike and we were hiking up to camp. We stopped to take a break and eat a snack. You sat down on a log and your pack was so heavy it pulled you back and down you went! We were all laughing so hard about it I nearly peed my pants. Good times!!