Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 2

A movie that helps me get through the hard times or that jumps out after my loss.

I haven't really had a movie that I watch when I'm having a hard time. But I've seen inception twice because Leonardo is an amazing actor and he makes great movie decisions.

Since our loss both Lucas and I have had a hard time focusing on movies and TV because it all seems pretty.....trivial. It was hard to get into any movies because they wouldn't hold our attention. It all seemed like no big deal and we were snapped back into our own troubles at the tiniest dull moment in the plot.

That's why we loved inception. It was an idea we hadn't thought about, and it had some great actors in it.

In other news today at work came with a self esteem shattering conversation. I was standing behind the desk having a conversation with two ladies and one of them says "So..when are you due?!" and I think fat but say "due? Oh. I just had a baby." and THEN she says "Yeah, because you still have a belly" WHAT?! I couldn't believe it. So I just stared and might have said something like "" but who knows. So I kinda just half smile because Im in shock that someone would have so little tact and then she says, while holding her arms up to show the size of my hips "You haven't lost your width yet either" Um. Thank you?
So what is crazy is that I am below my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm 5'7'' and currently weigh 132 lbs. I dont look pregnant. Maybe I was just standing weird? I wasn't as offended as I was and am baffled that someone could be so rude. If I struggled more with self image I would have probably cried right there. It scares me because that could have really really crushed someone.
Anyway. We are almost completely moved in to our apartment. We just have a few tables/rugs /shelves to get and we will be totally moved in. It feels so much better and more open than our old apartment and we LOVE it. Plus, our landlord said we can
1) Get a puppy
2) Paint the walls.


Jana said...

WHO SAYS THAT?!?! Holy cow. I think I would have cried.

Audra Jackson said...

wow. I have had several people who don't even know me ask when I am due when I am not even pregnant. I am sure that would've been even harder for you. YAY for being able to get a puppy and paint the walls. HUGS! Where are you living now?

Stephanie said...

Puppies are definitely fun, I was totally stoked when I found out we could paint our apartment!! The hardest part was deciding what color we wanted!